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Plus Heal  -  A community solely for World of Warcraft healers - Tips, advice, recruiting, etc...
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gunwyvar   created a new thread Installing Vuhdo in 6.0.2 ptr folders in the Vuhdo Support forum
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Tricksytroll   created a new thread debuffs not showing up in WoD Beta in the Vuhdo Support forum
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Minkbone   created a new thread Have you considered letting vuhdo go open source? in the General Discussion forum
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logansfury   created a new thread Is it possible to change vuhdo profile with a macro? in the Vuhdo Support forum
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ginaki7   created a new thread Help with Vuhdo emergency!!! in the Vuhdo Support forum
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Sprixia   created a new thread ♦ Reckoning 25m #8 US - LFM ♦ in the North America / Oceana forum
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