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Intellect vs. Spell Power

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Okay, I've been searching around for an answer to this but couldn't find one.

I've got a 39 twink healing Blood Elf priest in the works, and was wondering this question - which is of greater importance, intellect or spell power? Is the answer that simple? Or is there a lot of math involved. I've seen some of these hunter websites and thought my brain was going to lock up..................

Whispers from others seem to indicate that spell power might be the better choice. Less mana from intellect of course, but your healing / damage spells do that much more healing / damage. And with battlegrounds, people need to be healed for a lot and fast, which would lend towards a spell power build. Comment when you can, I appreciate you reading!
Posted Jul 13, 09 · OP
I don't remember what things were like at 39 but, regardless, this balance is best done by you based on experience. Are you running out of mana regularly? If you are going OOM then you need int. If everyone is dying before you go OOM then you need SP. If both are happening then the best you can do is balance it towards what is more frequent or important.

Battlegrounds are too variable for there to be theorycrafting that produces a "right" answer.
Posted Jul 13, 09 · OP
I think part of one was happening and sometimes part of another.

Sometimes I would be repeatedly healing the same guy, but most of the time that was because he was being hit by three different characters :sick:.

Other times I was healing so much that I ended up being OOM. I was 2200 mana at 29 unbuffed, so I didn't think that a lack of intellect was part of the problem. But my gear was kind of low for level 29 so maybe my intellect wasn't as good as I thought.

I think you're right, it will take actual testing to see which one needs help or is more important. Unfortunately, that requires dual sets of equipment and enchanting both sets of that stuff will be mighty expensive. Thank goodness for level 80 dailies!
Posted Jul 13, 09 · OP
If your goal is to not die in pvp, then gl in bgs tbh. Ive always found that heal ammount > mana longevity in BG's. The reason why is that your smallest heals need to keep the person up because when being focused, they dont have time for the big ones. And anytime you're healing someone who DESERVES IT they'll be able to kill their target before you go oom.

For pallies, i think my usual 60% holy light, 30% holy shock, and 10% FoL turns into 50% Flash, 40% Holy shock, and 10% Holy light.
Posted Jul 13, 09 · OP
Experience is the key. Found out the answer - spell power. It is a beast on npc's my level - I'm three shotting them and that shouldn't normally happen :sick:
Posted Jul 15, 09 · OP