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This is a redux of the old videos and guides thread. If you have/know of any of the vuhdo guides and videos that you think should be included in this list, please post in this thread and I'll edit it.

Vuhdo changes quickly and gets new features all the time. This means that the guides may not be spot on compared to what you're seeing during your setup. This particularly applies to video guides as those are much harder to edit. If you have any questions about setup, feel free to post in vuhdo forum, as Iza frequents the site and community is very helpful.



Old Threads:

Posted Jul 24, 11 · OP · Last edited Dec 5, 12
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Stickied, thanks Zohar :sick:
Auracen - Druid
Posted Jul 24, 11
Iza a
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Yes, thanks a lot, Zohar!
Posted Jul 28, 11
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I made a followup to my VuhDo 101 : VuhDo 102 -> I just went over some of the new features and showed people how I have my bars setup, and answered some questions I got on my previous video.
VuhDo 101: VuhDo 102:
Twitter: My UI & Dungeon Videos can be found @

Posted Aug 23, 11
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Added, ty:D
Posted Aug 24, 11 · OP
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Thanks Zohar..
I really like the link..
Posted Dec 5, 12 · Last edited Jun 6, 13 by alicia45
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Big ol' giant healy-heart to you, Zohar! :sick: Thanks! Also, Aunaka did a vuhdo setup tutorial: here if this helps?
Posted Dec 5, 12
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Added the link. Ty:)
Posted Dec 5, 12 · OP
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Very helpful. Thank you :sick:
Posted Sep 29, 13