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Handy macro sweeties for lazy healers!

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Lets try to gather some not common macroses here, which save actionbar slots, brain, time and stuff like that... some crossclass macroses and healing class specific ones. I will start with some crossclass and several priest macroses, and am ready to add any of yours but with 2 conditions: they should be explained and they should be special, not just some ordinary macro. This post is a try to share things, not to show off or post a big list of 'everyone knows' macroses. Most healing and buffing ones are assumed to be used with Clique or as mouseover ones, so be sure to track that or to remove mouseover conditions if you are an oldschool target-to-heal dude... <3...

Common macroses can be found here, most are outdated though, so watch out:

Pretty awesome macro explaining tool (still beta) can be found here:

Crossclass, general utility.
Max distance.
Not a macro on the whole, but felt like i have to share if anyone missed it. The command should be just used in chat and sets your max camera distance to 50 yards instead of default 35 (iirc). Helps a lot in different situations: in dungeons for better pov and overview, pvp, traveling, looking around, whatever...
/script SetCVar ("cameraDistancemax",50)
Note: TweakWoW has this feature inside and lots of other nice things, check it out.

Less buttons for professions.
Forgot to share my pretty new discovery. Hate to have unneeded buttons taking my screen space on action bars! So why not to merge Cooking with Camping Fire, Smelting with Blacksmithing, etc? So that on left mouseclick we have profession and on righ mouseclick we got secondary skill... Here is an example:
/cast [btn:1]cooking;[btn:2]basic campfire
P.S.: yes its only 1 button less, not as useful as my buff button, where u save 5 buttons, but still pretty comfortable to use. Enjoy.

Less buttons for undead racials.
Combining Will of the Forsaken with Cannibalize into one button, so that WotF is used in combat and Cannibalize out of combat:
/cast [combat]Will of the Forsaken;Cannibalize

Talents swap highlight.
Swaps your talent specs! Decided to highlight this one due to bugged "talents" button in blizzard UI, when its greyed out above lvl 10 without any reason:
/usetalents [spec:1]2;1

Aggressive Shadowfiend.
Shadowcrawl is on autocast but pet doesnt use it, no idea if its a bug or "works as intended", anyway here is a macro i suggest to press 2 times on initial shadowfiend summon and 2 more times through 15 seconds of it's existance to have the buff full time, tho im not sure if the third cast buffs a single swing before death:
- 1st line summons pet if its not up already;
- 2nd line puts pet on aggressive;
- 3d line casts shadowcrawl;
/cast [nopet]shadowfiend /petaggressive /cast [pet]shadowcrawl
Add one more line if you wish fiend shielded:
/cast [@pet,exists]power word: shield

Safe fade (or even improved fade).
The idea of adding combat condition to fade spell came to my mind recently, still it doesn solve the main problem - you are alone in combat and the rest of party/raid didnt notice your accident pull or whatever... so i thought its better to not only add combat condition, but also combine it with smth "outofcombatish" ^^
- 1st line shows proper tooltips;
- 2nd line casts Fade in combat;
- 3d line uses your mana regen drink out of combat, tea if no modifier held and strudel if ctrl is held;
#showtooltip /cast [combat]Fade /use [nomod]Highland Spring Water;[mod:ctrl]Conjured Mana Cake

Your main heal + cooldowns.
Example includes discipline priest buffs with Greater Heal, but it can be any classbuffs and any main spell or emergency spell, depending on your style: whether you like to use all CDs when they are up or only in case of emergency. So - buffs, trinkets and main spell itself can be replaced, but you must obey the rule of triggering Global Cooldown, means only one line should cause GCD, otherwise you are forced to use /castsequence instead and macros wont be that perfect and wont cause 4 things to instantly popup when you just click once, as it does now:
- 1st line turns off irritating sound, which apears when you try to use items, which are on CD;
- 2nd line uses buff, which doesnt cause GCD, on caster(yourself) and only in combat; (given example of Power Infusion you better use on ur caster DPS friends tho, so its here as a filler, keep in mind!)
- 3d line pops Archangel (which is off GCD), if u had Evangelism stacks up;
- 4d line uses self only buff, which doesnt cause GCD and again only in combat; (Inner Focus here)
- 5th and 6th lines will try to use both trinkets at once, if they dont share CD or one of them if they do share, also in combat;
- 7th line is the main spell, which causes GCD and which you want to cast on mouseovered unit (remove mouseover condition if you dont use Clique or any other cast-on-click addon)(and feel free to replace Greater Heal with Penance, Healing Touch, Flash Heal, whatever);
- 8th line turns on irritating sound again ^^
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [combat,@player]Power Infusion /cast [combat]Archangel /cast [combat]Inner Focus /use [combat]13 /use [combat]14 /cast [@mouseover]Greater Heal /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Since 3.1 patch we got 2 specs available, imagine that u got disc main spec and shadow offspec, or disc main spec and holy offspec, what u need to edit in this macro? Bingo - you need it to work in both specs. To be more exact: you need Greater Heal in disc spec and Flash Heal in offspec. Im also removing trinkets, cause most are not "on use" but "on cast", so we dont need those 2 trinket lines any more, but feel free to add them, but watch damn character limit again:
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [spec:1,combat,@player]Power Infusion /cast [spec:1]Archangel /cast [spec:1,combat]Inner Focus /cast [spec:1,@mouseover]Greater Heal;[spec:2,@mouseover]Flash Heal /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Divine Hymn and Prayer of Healing.
Pretty close to the previous one, but here i wouldn't suggest you to exclude Power Infusion from Hymn macro, since DH is mostly used in heavy aoe situations and you need PI yourself. Also notice there is no Inner Focus before either Divine Hymn or Penance in nowadays, cause it's restricted to only FH, Heal, GH and PoH (second macro) since 4.0. Archangel line is for discipline main spec, so if disc is your offspec, change spec:1 to spec:2:
#showtooltip Divine Hymn /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [combat,@player]Power Infusion /cast [spec:1,combat]Archangel /cast [combat]Divine Hymn /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [spec:1,combat]Archangel /cast [combat]Inner Focus /cast [@mouseover]Prayer of Healing /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Pretty old trick for aoe healing spells, which you need to place on the ground, using the green targeting circle. The problem i - lately on Majodormo scorion phases i noticed other discipline priests are slow on reaction, so here you get a lag and accidental deactivation free macro. "!" transforms normal spell behavior, switch ON or OFF on every press, to a spammable ability, so u will never lose that green circle again while spamming PWB.
#showtooltip /cast !Power Word: Barrier

All-in-one enemy buffing (avoid 4th Mind Control, cause target is immune due to diminishing returns):
/castsequence reset=target Mind Control,Power Word: Fortitude,Mind Control,Shadow Protection,Mind Control,Renew

Main buffing button/click.
Sequence of spells to buff mouseovered unit out of combat, in this case dpriest buffs. (Remove mouseover condition if you are not using Clique or any other cast-on-click addon):
/castsequence [nocombat][@mouseover]reset=target,combat Power Word: Fortitude,Shadow Protection

Second buffing button/click for 2 specs.
Lets you buff Inner Fire on self and Fear Ward on self or mouseovered friendly unit in first spec (assumed holy or disc) and buff self with Inner Fire,Vampiric Embrace in offspec (assumed shadow) along with same Fear Ward on self or mouseovered friendly unit. (Remove mouseover conditions if you are not using Clique or any other cast-on-click addon):
/castsequence [spec:1,@mouseover]reset=target,combat Inner Fire,Fear Ward;[spec:2,@mouseover]reset=target,combat Inner Fire,Vampiric Embrace,Fear Ward

Handy Mind Soothe macro to use it on the run without targeting or on target if u got one. Pretty nice before Mind Control pulls or when u need to sneak somewhere:
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead,harm] mind soothe; mind soothe

OHSHIT button for myself?
Stop casting whatever u been, cast Desperate Prayer and use Fel Healthstone? Why not:
/stopcasting /cast Desperate Prayer /use Healthstone
Saved me thousand times so far! Awesome thing is that Fel Healthstone wont be used if DP healed u to max. Enjoy!

Holy dps macro.
For those cases when u need to finish off heroic LK or PP, u know ^^
#showtooltip /startattack /castsequence [harm,nodead]reset=10 Holy Fire,Mind Blast,Smite,Smite,Smite
Note: play with smites number, depending on your haste value;

Disc dps macro.
Autotargets, fires, smites, uses Archangel when Ctrl is held (smite and divine accuracy glyphs are highly recommended):
#showtooltip /startattack [nomod] /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [nomod,harm,nodead]reset=10 Holy Fire,Smite,Smite,Smite,Smite /cast [mod:ctrl]Archangel /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Shadow priest offspec cookies.
DoT em all!
So, what i wanted was:
- Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague in one button for both solo and raid usage;
- being able to spam Shadow Word: Pain on mouseovered targets;
- being able to refresh Devouring Plague without recasting sequence, but with single modifier held for boss fights;
Here we go:
/castsequence [mod:alt]Devouring Plague;[@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead]Shadow Word: Pain;reset=3/combat/target Shadow Word: Pain,Devouring Plague

Improved Mind Sear and Flay
Not only avoids self overlapping while channeling Mind Sear, but also adds ability to start AOEing right on the spot, thanks /startattack (decided to add it, cause always caught myself on a slight delay while choosing target to drop sear on, and its always hard to target those damn rats in Nax before rogue jumps them and uses Fan of Knives to win the AOE race ^^), so here u go:
#showtooltip /startattack /cast [exists,nodead,harm][nochanneling:Mind Sear]Mind Sear

Note: recently came up to using /startattack line inside Mind Flay macro as well to minimize downtime both on trash in ICC and while doing 5mans, old content, etc:
#showtooltip /startattack /cast [exists,nodead,harm][nochanneling:Mind Flay]Mind Flay

One button for nuking.
Since we got new spell for fast nuking of normal mobs and DoTs are meant for elites and bosses only, lets make triple Mind Spike macro with Mind Blast at the end for fastest shooting off (when it is instant due to Mind Melt). Includes Archangel for those moments when you did spam Mind Flay a bit till 25% and got Evangelism stacked for next mob, to pop Dark Archangel right away. Macro also lets you to just cast Mind Blast with Alt held for normal DoT rotations. Auto targeting inside as well. Enjoy.
#showtooltip mind blast /startattack /cast [nomod]archangel /castsequence [nomod,harm,nodead]reset=combat/target mind spike,mind spike,mind spike,mind blast /cast [mod:alt]mind blast

P.S.: Sorry for grammar mistakes, would really like to post it in russian, but hardly you'd read it then ^^
Macro thread for those who seek!
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Nicely done. Gave me a few ideas :sick:
Posted May 29, 11
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Been here for years, but you're welcome!
Macro thread for those who seek!
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I only noticed it because it was on the recent threads list :(
Posted May 29, 11
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My favorite macro is actually a Mind Sear macro, but modified since it can now be used on friendly targets:

#showtooltip Mind Sear /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead,nochanneling:Mind Sear][@target,harm,nodead,nochanneling:Mind Sear] Mind Sear

Casts Mind Sear on a friendly mouseover target, or a harmful target if no friendly Mind Sear target, and does not interrupt your current channel of Mind Sear. Possibly the second set of brackets can be left empty, but I prefer not to leave it to chance. This macro is also why it's good to have pets on your raid frames. :sick: It's excellent for Maloriak and Magmaw.

Also, for those times you do actually need to Shackle something:

#showtooltip Shackle Undead /clearfocus [modifier:ctrl] /clearfocus [@focus,dead] /clearfocus [@focus,noexists] /focus [@focus,noexists] /cast [@focus] Shackle Undead

Sets your current target as focus and casts Shackle Undead. Using the Ctrl mod with a new target (if you already have a focus) swaps focus to that target and casts Shackle Undead. Ctrl with no target clears focus. Swap Shackle Undead for any other crowd control (Hex, Entangling Roots, Hammer of Justice, Cyclone, Bind Elemental).

Lastly, a stopcast Wind Shear/Rebuke macro:

#showtooltip Wind Shear /stopcasting /cast [@focus,harm,nodead][] Wind Shear

Stops current cast, then casts Wind Shear (or Rebuke, if you change it out) on focus target. If no focus target, then your current target.
Holy Troll
Posted Jun 21, 11
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Added a pretty old and well known PWB macro, but someone might find it handy and new.
Gonna test Tomaj's mind sear macro and add as well later if its perfect, since i removed my "holy nova + mind sear" macro now, being not happy with how it works.
Dont forget to share your stuff guys, this thread stinks, we need fresh pro macroses here!
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Since im not playing wow for around half a year or so - leaving this topic as it is.
Macro thread for those who seek!
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