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Vuhdo Bar Coloring

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So, recently I had to reinstall, and I've managed to lose all of my profiles for Vuhdo. I've got it set up almost exactly as I had it before (Bit'O'Grid format) with one small exception that I'm having an impossible time figuring out: I want to set up the bars with the class color diminishing as health is taken away.

I've got "Generic (Health, Class Col)" set up in Custom Health Bar Bouquet but this is doing the exact OPPOSITE of what I want (as in, I only see the color for damage taken).

That was explained horribly, let me try this:

1. Player A takes 100k damage
2. That 100k damage gone lights up ORANGE, showing me he's a druid.

Instead I want:

1. Player A takes 100k damage. He has 400k health total.
2. 300k of that health is lit up ORANGE, showing me he's a druid.
3. At full health, the entire bar is ORANGE, showing me he's a druid.

Does that make sense? If not, here's a screenshot

Thanks for any help you can give,
Posted Mar 5, 13 · OP
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when I get a debuff put on me (or another raid member) the box stays the color it's shown in that screenshot. Instead, the name lights up showing a debuff as well as any health lost.
Posted Mar 5, 13 · OP
Iza a
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1. Options=>General=>Indicators, hit "more" next to Health Bars, deselect "Invert".
Posted Mar 6, 13
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Thank you so much. Also - thank you for maintaining your addon better than almost anybody else out there, it's truly a staple to my healing.

Posted Mar 7, 13 · OP