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Using Vuhdo Keybinds with SuF

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I have the following macro bound to scroll up button on my mouse in Vuhdo

/cast [@mouseover] Power Word: Shield

I like using Vuhdo for my party and raid frames but I want to use SuF or Pitbull for my character and target frames (mainly because I can't get Vuhdo to display my Target frame how I want)

Is it possible to use this binding from Vuhdo in either SuF or Pitbull or do I have to switch to using Clique?

Thanks in advance
Posted Feb 23, 13 · OP
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There is nothing in that macro Vuhdo-specific, but binding anything to a key or mouse action in the Vuhdo menu will only affect its behavior in Vuhdo. In other words yes, you'll need something like Clique for doing that outside Vuhdo.

Now if you are not using scroll up for anything else but that, you can simply put that macro in your action bars and give it scroll up as the trigger, I don't think you need any special addons to do that.
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Posted Feb 23, 13
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Thanks for the suggestion

I will give that a go - I guess the only issue I'll run into is the spells that I have bound to mouse keys 4 & 5 that may not be supported by the standard wow keybindings
Posted Feb 23, 13 · OP
Iza a
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Yes, thank you Adinne!
Posted Feb 23, 13