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The new 5.2 Disc Mastery changes

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I've written a simple explanation, as simple as I could make it, on why the new Mastery system is actually not a nerf in the amount of actual healing we do on average. I thought this thread would be a good place to link it:

I'll repeat the main conclusions from it:

1. The DA shields that the new DA system creates are actually slightly larger than the old system, even more so the more mastery you have.
2. The average healing you do will in fact go UP if you were focussing a lot on mastery, and will only go down a bit (about 6%) if you had completely neglected mastery and had fully focussed on Critical Strike.
3. The average amount of PW:S will go up if you have focused on crit, and will stay about the same if you have focused on mastery.

For those unfamiliar with the changes:

1. PW:S can now crit, for double the amount of shielding
2. Our mastery is divided in two parts: One part increases our healing, by a percentage equal to 0.32 times the old percentage (e.g. 40% -> 12.8%) and another part increases our shields by twice that percentage (i.e. 0.64 times the old percentage, or 25.6% in the example above). I like to describe the net effect as "smaller shields, on bigger heals".
3. A critical heal no longer heals for double. Instead, the base heal remains the same, but now we receive a DA shield equal to that heal times our shield mastery factor (1.256 in the above example). So instead of having the shield be 50% of the doubled heal, it's 100% of the normal heal.

Explanation of how the Crit Effect meta works now, and how Atonement is affected, here:

Consequences for stat weights (math heavy) here:

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Posted Feb 20, 13 · OP
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Thanks for the info.

I'm not a theorycrafter, but I'm excited.

Ever since they nerfed Power Word: Shield after Wrath of the Lich King I've been waiting for them to shine again.

I love bubbles.

I never stopped using them, but maybe that's because I'm not doing progression raiding.
Posted Feb 20, 13
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I do fear that we may need a medium AoE heal like what divine Hymm was for Disc.

With Crits going to a shield, When we need ACTUAL healing, we will be left w/o a strong Raid heal.

My team has made me go Holy a while (and again want me to) because everything is on a CD. If I pre shield and it's delayed, it's wasted and I do not have a big healing CD.

Not having an actual fair AOE healing CD it's frustrating in a 10 man. And now I do not even leave DA shields with PoH spam at those times will really hurt.

I would rather had a longer Spirit Shell CD and an ACTUAL timed mechanic.

I used a Inner Focus/gheal for when a big heal is needed. Soakers on Agalon (sp), Penance/IF+GH = get back in there! Now just a shield!

Shaw of fear triple atk. etc

It's when you need actual healing I feel weaker. Yea, if I could get a shield BEFORE; however, they run off platform and I dare NOT go out there!.
Posted Feb 25, 13
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See the way I see it is, that in a multi-healer environment where people help each other a "big heal" isn't always needed. You can for instance use IF+GH to do a fair bit of healing and more importantly put a massive shield on someone, and let the other healers fill up the health bar while the shield protects that person from future damage. Let me put it another way. We need to identify the term "need actual healing" a bit more. Here are some scenarios:

1. The person has dropped low on health and is soon about to take more damage, tank healing would always fit this category. In this case there is really no difference between putting a shield for 60k on that person or a heal for 60k, they are both just as good.
2. The person has dropped low on health but they are not in any life-threatening situation for a while. This is a case where you might argue we lack a little, but I would argue it's a case where you don't "need actual healing". You can let your atonement heals and you fellow team healers bring him up, while you focus on the people in more immediate danger.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the change to crit is intimately tied to the change in our mastery, and we should not consider the two separately. Effectively at the same time that your crits are doing a lot less than they used to compared to a heal, your regular heals are buffed considerably, by almost 10-15% depending on your mastery levels. Your regular heals will be doing a lot more healing than they did in the past at the price of somewhat weaker crits compared to them.

This makes us more balanced: We'll be able to fill in health bars faster and not have to pray for a crit to do it any more. It's the opposite of not being able to do actual healing.

What exactly is your healing composition that your raid prefers you going Holy? I heal with a Druid and I think I can bring a lot more to the table as Disc by complementing her hots with my shields. I take care of predictable/regular damage, she helps with the rest.
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Posted Feb 25, 13 · OP
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Sry at work and this POS crossed up things
Posted Feb 26, 13 · Last edited Feb 26, 13 by Higherp
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Do shields work for hp-based damage like Empress and Anub? The only other case I can think of right now where an absorb isn't better than a heal is Chimaeron.
Posted Feb 27, 13
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I'm guessing you're talking about Calamity for the empress fight. I am fairly certain that any mechanics that are based off your current health do not include any shield amounts present on you at the moment. But from that point of view a shield would indeed be better than a heal in fact, because the damage is based off your current health, so it's less the less health you have, but it will have to go through your shield first.

I think people are more concerned about the overall effect of a crit heal being smaller compared to the regular heal than it used to be. A crit for a disc was a huge deal, easily producing an effect 3.5 times that of the normal heal's. By contrast, most other classes have an effect only 2 times that of the normal heal's. With the 5.2 system, the disc effect from a crit is closer to 2.5 times that of a normal heal's, and most of it is a shield now. To make up for that, our base heals would be considerably stronger. Some people are having a hard time coming to grips with these changes, which essentially bring us closer to how other healers work.

The one downside of the shield versus the heal is in pvp when you are low on health. If you find yourself in Execute range of whoever's on you, a large shield won't get you out of that Execute range. On the other hand the fact that our base heals are stronger means it should be harder to drop us to Execute range.
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Posted Feb 27, 13 · OP
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I'm also thinking shields are not helping for Tsulong.
Posted Mar 1, 13
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Megalyn wrote:
I'm also thinking shields are not helping for Tsulong.
While I agree with that, I am equally concerned by the fact that our CDs (Pain suppression, PW:Barrier) aren't all that good on Tsulong either.

But frankly, Tsulong is the kind of fight that's there only once per tier. I'm fine with being inferior in such a fight. And I can still help keep people alive during the night phase.
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Posted Mar 1, 13 · OP
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