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holy Priest Gear Check please

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Been tinkering with my gear and seem to not be doing as well as I would like to be since I have decent gear.... here is my armory link

here are a few logs in case i am doing something wrong
Posted Feb 5, 13 · OP
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I dont see anything wrong with your gear. If you had some gold to spare, the darkmoon relic is arguably better than your Cutstitcher trinket, especially with VP upgrade, but I wouldnt bother if you dont have the cash.

I had a quick look at the logs, and it seems like you press all your buttons (even void shift, which I still forget). Maybe your problem is just that you are running with too many healers? Compare your Bladelord log with one of mine. I dont run 25 so I cant comment on your spell usage, but just look at the overheal on some of your spells. Two thirds of your cascade was wasted, and you might as well have not used HW:Sanc at all (92.7% overheal). My overheal sits around 25%, except renew and heal which I spam on the people with the bleed debuff.

Drop a couple healers and youll have more work to do, and less competition to get it done. Right now, your disc priest gets all the benefit of his mastery upfront as a juicy bubble, but your poor Echo of Light just ticks away by itself after everyone is healed to full. Unfair I know.
Posted Feb 6, 13
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I don't undrstand your information.plz explaine me.

Posted Apr 15, 13