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Range displayed in yards on all units

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hi there,

i'v been using Vuhdo as my healing and raid frame addon of choice for years now and love it, thanks for keeping it up to date and also for being so active on the forums and fixing bugs/requests (you fixed one of mine years ago with spec swaps and key bindings :)).

Back to the topic :) i've gone back to my Druid as heals in PVP which i haven't done before. what i'd like is a permanent way to show the direction arrow and yard value all the time per unit, not just on mouseover however. i can't tell if someone is 50 yards away that i can reach or 200 yards away at another base etc .. i know i could increase the fade on the unit but that is perfect obviously for spell range.

i've searched around and found i can display the direction arrow via the Hot Icons but that is only direction. looking at custom bouquet settings there is no special event that would allow me to add the range into another Hot Icon slot. Obviously you can grab distance so could you make this a special event that could be chosen?

Or would it be possible in the Scanners section to have a checkbox that would allow permanent direction and range on all units(if so could you also have a position option so you could move it from the centre)?

if i've missed something and there is another way to do this please let me know. i know this would be quite CPU intensive but i feel it would be a worthwhile addition.

Posted Jan 28, 13 · OP
Iza a
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thank you. Why not: This can easily be added without major performance impact (needs to enable options=>scanners=>distance text anyway (which will actually also make permanent arrows turn from red to green today, so distance will already be determined). Maybe I'll add another option for it.
Posted Jan 29, 13
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thanks for considering it, i'll keep a close eye on release notes for any future release :)
Posted Jan 29, 13 · OP
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hi, i've just installed 3.29 (i think) and 3.28 stated something about distance/10? i cannot see any numbers on an hot icons i can adjust but now there are triangles that pop up behind the arrow. are these supposed to show yards till out of distance/10? was this something you were adding anyway or something because of this thread?

My concern is the arrow is hard to read with the triangles behind it now, previous was much clearer. Was it added due to this thread (and i'm not missing something, have checked for new settings but cant find any that would help here) ?

The main point was units already out of range that had faded via spell distance, i'd like the actual figure (or the triangle approach would work) but as a separate item to direction showing how far from in range they are, 50 yards or 250 yards so i don't concern myself with low hp units that are way to far away to get to.
Posted Feb 9, 13 · OP
Iza a
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Options=>Panels=>HoTs, select "Text" instead of "Triangles" for stack counter.
Posted Feb 9, 13
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just tried this and that works brilliantly, 100yard max range for it also makes sense.

thanks again for keeping Vuhdo up to date and adding cool bits like this ;)
Posted Feb 10, 13 · OP
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