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handling Counterspell

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I've been playing a month and healing all of a week, so please forgive any noobness.

I was acting as healer this evening with a RDF group in Dire Maul battling Prince Tortheldrin when I got nature locked and spent the next 10 seconds mashing pitifully at my buttons while the group wiped.

I've been able to find very little regarding the best way to deal with such a situation. Other than standing as far back as possible is there anything I should be doing?
Posted Jan 12, 13 · OP
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Hi Inaria,

Hope you're enjoying druid healing in WoW! Getting spell locked by that boss really is annoying especially in a RDF group as you might well end up with a tank who isn't all that clued up. Basically as you said, try to get the tank to stand in a corner so he doesn't get knocked back and then stand at your max distance from the boss. His counterspell has a 30yd range so you should be able to heal still. If you do get locked out then the tank needs to use some cooldowns and/or a health potion to survive it, and you need to get ready with a big emergency heal when you get out (I think you should have Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch at the level you would be doing DM).

In any case levelling these days is pretty fast so you might find that you've gone past the level for DM West by the time you get this post! :sick: Good luck!
Posted Jan 13, 13