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Buying back into WOW

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Hi guys,

So after a long break, I just purchased a new computer (arriving tomorrow) and will be buying back into wow.

Me - 85 Hpal on KT, pvp spec'd / geared.

I was hoping I could get a little advice / help.

I want to know the biggest differences in MoP that surprised you while leveling.

Also, am I right to assume that I will need to go Ret to push from 85 to 90. Any advice on the fastest route to 90?

Any other advice for a guy who has been out of the game for almost seven months would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
Posted Jan 11, 13 · OP
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Think the biggest thing that will hit you holy wise the the fixed mana pools and the need for spi . All the other changes shouldn't be much off an issue to get used to .

As far as lvling to 90 your best bet is ret for questing holy for instances so make sure to keep both sets of gear updated as your questing through , Personaly i recommend using instance gear to upgrade your holy spec with some quest fillers to keep it filled best as possible and until your 90 just use mob drop items and quest rewards for your ret set.

As far as quickest way to 90 a good mix of the two and don't neglect the quests as you need to get the quests lines opened up and as you get into the later lvls the rep from the quests will help you out with dailys as Mop is very much the daily's expac

Good luck with the lvling
Posted Jan 11, 13
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Thanks for the reply,

Thats exactly what I was curious about. Little things like dailies being a big part of Mop. Thanks again
Posted Jan 11, 13 · OP
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Np enjoy Pandaria it really is the best environment blizz has given us yet and the quest lines are very fun to work through
Posted Jan 11, 13
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Some other things that might be helpful:

  • There's a new spellbook tab titled "What's Changed" that explains some of the basic changes as well as which spells you probably want to use.

  • Most quests only offer rewards for your current spec, so you might have to swap specs to see what other potentially useful rewards are available.

  • You can find vendors around Pandaria that sell full sets of green-quality gear that can be useful for filling in any gaps you might have, but the gear isn't generally as good as dungeon or quest gear. I think all such vendors are tagged as <Adventuring Supplies>, but I'm not 100% sure. Here's a list.

  • Rohan of Blessing of Kings has a blog post on Eternal Flame Blanketing that seems like it might be a particularly useful healing style while your Spirit is still low. I didn't level that way, so I'm not sure how useful it'll be, but if you find yourself having trouble in leveling dungeons, it's probably worth a shot.

  • Speaking of dungeons, unlike with Cataclysm dungeons, Pandaria normal dungeons are basically just leveling dungeons, and heroic dungeons are tuned to be easy enough even for fresh level 90s, so don't be afraid to jump in once you're capped. Most of the difficulty has been shifted towards Challenge Mode dungeons (if you're not sure what those are, don't worry about those for now - just focus on getting to 90 first :sick: ).
Posted Jan 11, 13
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Also worth a mention is the ability to accumulate up to 5 holy power.

If your a crafter at all - you will want to get in good with the tillers and start opening up your farm so you can farm up motes of harmony that combine 10:1 to make the gating currency for craftable items - they are soul bound.
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