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panel not showing

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Went into a 5man dungeon and panel #1 did not show up! So, I went through your guide, specifically under Panel Tab/General Button where it says:

"Before you start really messing with this, I recommend you take a quick detour to the "Move" Tab and click the 25 button instead of the current, that way Vuhdo will fill the panel with duplicates of your self which will help you judge sizes and such. Click on Hold to Test button to see what the arrangement looks like."

Well, I get nothing displayed when I select 25 man and click Hold to Test. Where is panel #1 (It does say Panel #1 at the top of the form)? How do I get it displayed?

Note: I used and loved Vuhdo several years ago but haven't healed recently - never had this problem back then.

P.S. None of the Hide Panel options are clicked/selected. And I can add Panel #2, Panel #3, etc. and see those - just cannot see Panel #1
Posted Jan 6, 13 · OP
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I just hit Reset then Panel #1 showed up and I reentered all my settings. Still would like to know why it disappeared in the first place. If it disappears again it is not convenient to re-enter all the settings....
Posted Jan 6, 13 · OP
Iza a
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Panels may disappear a) after reducing screen scale, 2) if moved off the screen by mistake, 3) if panel position data (saved variables) is damged or potentially even due to 3rd party addons that possibly change positions of other addons (MoveAnything etc.) Anyway you most probably never need to do a full reset after that: Just type /vd reset in chat prompt to reset panel positions.
Posted Jan 7, 13