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Vuhdo problem

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Ok first off, I want to say that Vuhdo is awesome! I have 2 accounts and it was performing perfectly on both. I just swapped 2 characters to my main account and now that I have... all of my characters that use Vuhdo have major lag problems. Every time I open/close the map it lags for several seconds. I can't raid with it anymore because it completely freezes my system. I have tried turning up the refresh rates on everything 300-500ms and I have turned off AoE prediction. I have deleted all my settings and that didn't work. Also, I deleted the addon and reinstalled and that didn't work. Any ideas or suggestions? Please help!
Posted Jan 6, 13 · OP
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Did you delete all the saved variable files too? I suspect not, as I've had not dissimilar problems in the past which were only solved by doing this. Of course, this does mean that you lose all your settings too, though whenever I've encountered an issue and had to resort to this action it's pretty much always been whilst configuring a new UI/look/style etc and I've been happy to do an entire new set up.
Posted Jan 7, 13