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What's the matter with me?!

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Hi there. I am a long time druid healer. Healed through BC, Wrath, and Cata. Now that MoP is out however, suddenly, I SUCK. lol Like I know I'm only lvl 86, but I can't even keep everyone up in a 5 man, specifically the Sha of Doubt fight. It just feels like my spells aren't healing for as much, my gcd takes forever and my mana is gone in the blink of an eye. I've never had these issues before, at least not on my druid. I'd like someone to take a look at my gear/spec etc, to at least confirm that I'm on the right track with that. If I'm not then maybe there's the problem. If I am, then *I* am the problem and that's a whole lot more difficult to fix.

What happened to druids in MoP for me to be having these problems for the first time ever?

Here's my armory link:

Thanks in advance for any advice ya'll can give.
Posted Jan 2, 13 · OP
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The biggest change for someone coming in from Cata healing is that old ABC rule is out. We don't have any mana "neutral" spells, so there's no "filler" in the rotation. As for healing at 86, I really don't know, especially in the 358 gear you've got on. I didn't really heal anything in MoP till I started running heroics at 90. I did heal the brewmaster daily at 89, and that was pretty rough if people didn't kill the adds.
Posted Jan 2, 13
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I found that Druid healing at 86 wasn't all that tough, then again I have/had gear from Dragon Soul and all of the pieces I have had spirit on them. Spirit is a huge deal now, you should reforge into it if you happen to get a piece without spirit, but you should aim to find pieces with it already on them. You're also wearing a cloth helm, this prevents you from gaining an extra 5% intellect which could be the reason behind your feeling of low throughput. The higher your int and SP are: the more your spells will heal. The more your spells heal: the fewer spells you need to cast.
Posted Jan 3, 13
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Yes as you can see I don't have much Cata raid gear with my druid. I ended up raiding with my priest way more often.

I will attempt to replace the helm and reforge into spirit. I was told haste was more important but what you are saying does make more sense.

Posted Jan 4, 13 · OP
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Buy the 372 gear from the vendor you meet when entering valley of four winds.
It will help you on the way, when not having 410 gear from Cata.
Posted Jan 10, 13