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Vuhdo & group changes (adds/drops) during combat

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Hi, I searched the forum and didn't really find an answer to this, I apologize if the answer is there and I missed it. I love vuhdo, but the annoying thing I run into (and is only is an issue in PuGs or LFRs), is when there are group changes (player drops or gets added), during combat. Vuhdo does not update correctly until combat is over and displays inaccurate players in the frames until combat ends. Is there a known fix for this? I recall I used to have the same issue with healbot back when I used that as well, so perhaps that is a problem from the WoW side of things.

I appreciate any help, thanks.
Posted Dec 26, 12 · OP
Iza a
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Please try latest beta (3.25) from curse
Posted Dec 26, 12
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Thanks, the beta version did the trick.
Posted Dec 26, 12 · OP
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