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Wondering If theres a way to save characters I've added to a private tanks group

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Hello I love the Vuhdo addon its simply amazing.

I know private tanks groups allows you to have your own tailored group of characters added to a custom raid frame it just doesn't save those characters so I have to keep re-adding toons every time I log in or change raids/groups.

I was wondering was there anyway to have Vuhdo emulate the grid custom layouts feature where it saves a list of players in their own raid frame. I multibox so a feature where I can save characters in their own frame would be very nice as it can be annoying to find my toons in a 40 man raid frame when I cant always control the layout of the instance or raid group I get put into.

Posted Dec 22, 12 · OP
Iza a
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Hello, thank you. You cannot have individual players for private tank but you could make a macro like this:
/vd pt clear
/vd pt Tom,Dick,Harry
Posted Dec 22, 12
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Wow awesome thanks Iza!
Posted Dec 22, 12 · OP