Hi and thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

I'm trying to obtain a black 1 pixel border around my frames, which for the most part works just fine...except that top of the 2 columns has no visible border there, this does become less apparent when ramping up the size of the border, by the time I have it at 3 it is clearly there, but still seems thinner than the border on the sides or bottom of the frames. At much larger values, it appears, to my eyes anyway, quite uniform.

No other border indicators are being used, and I could post screenshots if required.

Further experimentation reveals that enabling headers means the border is shown accurately, which would be fine if I needed that reminder which is group 1 and which is group 2 :sick:...but somehow the process of disabling headers is 'corrupting' the border.

Edit: Thanks for all the replies! :sick:

Fortunately now resolved, full reset didn't solve it. Uninstall+deletion of all saved variables/lua files did.