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Saving Profiles

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Noob Question #103:

I'm having a problem saving and restoring profiles. I would like to have Vuhdo configured for the following profiles:
Disc Priest
Holy Priest
Resto Druid
Balance Druid

Under the tools tab, the profiles menu allows me to save and apply selected profiles. So, here's where my assumptions about how this is supposed to work have lead me astray.

Suppose, for example, I want to switch from Holy to Disc. So, I click on "Select a profile" and choose "Disc Priest". A confirmation dialog then pops up asking me if I want to continue. I click Yes and Vuhdo saves the current [Holy] profile to "Disc Priest" which, of course, clobbers the desired profile, "Disc Priest".

How does one manage multiple profiles? Specifically, what sequence of operations are necessary to safely switch between different profiles?


Posted Dec 18, 12 · OP
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Knock, knock! Anyone home?

Posted Dec 27, 12 · OP
Iza a
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I'm sorry I've been on a holiday trip for some days. I'm not sure what's wrong there. If you choose a profile and click "Apply" (not: "Save") VuhDo is supposed to load this profile and not to overwrite any other profile. Did you eventually pick "Priest Disc" and hit "Save" while current settings were at holy priest's needs? Note that spell assignments will be saved in key lavouts (options=>tools=>key layouts) not profiles.
Posted Jan 3, 13