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First off thanks again for this wonderful mod. It makes healing fun.

I was wondering if there was a way to show the boss in my raid frames as a healable target. Specifically for the Tsulong fight where the boss needs to be healed in the day phase. It would be great to have a raid panel with the boss so that I could heal the boss and the raid at the same time.
Is this possible?
Posted Dec 7, 12 · OP
Iza a
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No I'm afraid not, you could set the boss as your focus target and heal him in private tanks panel.
Posted Dec 8, 12
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This was how I dealt with Dreamwalker. I showed Private Tanks and made the NPC my focus. The Private Tanks could even be in a separate panel so it doesn't disturb your current arrangement.

You could also target the boss (even with a macro for quick access) and make Vuhdo show frames for your target. The issue there is the "show target" setting is panel-wide, so you could end up with targets displayed for your whole raid. The workaround there is making a new panel which displays only you or a group you belong to, along with your target. At which point you're back to focusing the boss and just showing Private Tanks.
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Posted Dec 10, 12
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Thanks for the tip guys. I'll try it. Where do I enable the "private tanks" panel?
Posted Dec 10, 12 · OP
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nevermind i found it. Worked great! thanks again for the great mod.
Posted Dec 10, 12 · OP