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Custom debuffs

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First of all...keep up the good work. Been using vuhdo for a solid 3 years now and still a big fan.

On windlord Mel'jarak, I tried adding the Residue debuff, to keep track of people that can go and free prisons.
This is not shown when I use standard -> raid boss box checked.
I added Residue to the customer debuff list, but it's still not showing.

Can you confirm whether I should be able to add Residue to custom debuff and have it show, while the standard debuff -> raid boss box is checked?
Or is the raid boss option limiting the debuffs to what is coded?

Posted Dec 3, 12 · OP
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I could be wrong but I think the Raid Boss checkbox under standard actually shows icons for dispellable buffs in addition to them showing by color.
Anyway, you're supposed to be able to add Residue just fine. Try adding it by spellID instead of the name. so just type in 122055 and see if that works.
Posted Dec 3, 12
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SpellID instead of name with correct case did solve the issue.
Posted Dec 6, 12 · OP
Iza a
Thanks a lot Zohar!
Posted Dec 6, 12