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Possible to hide/move Vuhdo based on spec?

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I play Holy as my main spec and I like having Vuhdo right in the middle of my screen under my feet, it's perfect. When in Ret however, I'm not interested in the raid frame. So, I was wondering if there's an automatic way to have it move or have it use a different settings profile depending on which spec I'm in. I could manually move it, but I'd actually like to have it configured differently when I'm in Ret versus Holy. Possible?
Posted Dec 2, 12 · OP
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Options-Tools-Profiles, then make a new profile, call it heal, and check off spec1 (or spec2 if your heal spec is actually number two in your talents tabs). Hit save. Then make another profile, but in this one, go to Options-Move! and kill all the panels (keep pressing on red X next to the panels until they all go away). Then go to Options-Tools-Profiles, and check spec2 and hit Save. Now it should switch as you swap specs, from your healing profiles to the other one which is empty.
Posted Dec 2, 12