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Power Auras for Symbiosis and Incarnation?

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Hey all,

I've been trying to set up some Power Auras for Incarnation without much success. I want an aura that shows a countdown timer for the duration of my Incarnation buff. I can get the addon to display an icon on my screen for Incarnation, but no timer.

I've noticed that when I use Incarnation I get two buffs:
1) Incarnation: Tree of Life - an aura buff with no timer
2) Incarnation - a limited duration buff, with a timer.

I'm pretty sure what's going on is that the addon is seeing the first buff (Incarnation: Tree of Life) that has no timer and is using that one for my aura. I've tried using the "exact name" checkbox and just Incarnation as the trigger, but no luck. I've also tried a few different spell id's that I've found, also with no results.

I was wondering if anyone had been able to create a Power Aura for the duration of Tree of Life?

Secondly, I was wondering if anyone had any pro Power Auras for Symbiosis. I'm mostly interested in things like the duration of Spiritwalker's Grace if I put Power Aura's on a Shaman. I've attempted to create that Power Aura, but I haven't had a chance to test it out yet.

Posted Dec 2, 12 · OP
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I believe you should be able to specify what buff you want it to target by putting its number in (at least in weakauras you can). Looking at wowhead you can find at least 3 different numbers corresponding to it:
81098, 81097, 5420
Or what you can do in weakauras at least is start a timer from when something is triggered. So you could set it to measure a timer of 30 seconds. I don't know if powerauras can do that, I've moved to weakauras over a year ago now and never looked back.

For the symbiosis thing, you might have to do something similar and mess with spell item numbers instead of names.
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Posted Dec 2, 12
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Right, those are the spell ID's. I've tried all three of those, plus one or two others that I found. No dice.

I tried weakaura's early in MoP, but couldn't make heads or tails of it. >.> I have 3+ pages of Power Auras already, too, so I'm hesitant to switch systems, but if I cant get a timer on Incarnation, I guess I'll have to check it out again.
Posted Dec 2, 12 · OP
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I'm guessing PA is not picking up on Incarnation: Tree of life, because it's not an aura, but a spell.
I swapped to weak aura's, so can't confirm or test for you, but below is what I did for weak aura's. Might be something similar will work for PA as well.

1. Create an icon for a status of a spell. Use Incarnation: Tree of life for that.
It has to show when it's active or usable.

2. Create an icon in the same spot for an aura. Use the buff Incarnation.
Posted Dec 3, 12
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power auras, last i checked, only had a beta update for mop.

if you want to switch to weak auras i suggest this guy's tutorial:

your idea intrigues me. ill see if i can build a weak aura on it....
Posted Mar 23, 14
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potential timers for you .... unfortunately in wa since i dont have pac.


Posted Mar 23, 14