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Will of the Emperor 10m Normal

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Although I find this simple overall it gives me many headaches as a monk healer so I'm really looking for some advice for this. Basically I find the tank damage to be extremely high, but not just from the arc debuff. I take issue with the damage they take from the normal melee hits from the twins and I find it difficult to effectively heal this without having mana issues towards the end of the fight.

As most of you know that with this new patch our strong single target heal (enveloping mists) got a 32% nerf along with other nerfs which were well deserved. The problem for me, however, has happened ever since my guild started MSV and I would really like to see if there's anything I can do to improve my performance. Changes aside I think that there must be a way to handle the spikey tank damage better.

Here are the logs for our kill tonight:

Tanks blamed me for not healing but I'm not convinced I was the issue. If you can find any evidence that I'm not performing to the best of my ability or if there's anything I should be doing differently to make tank healing less painful please let me know. Thanks!
Posted Dec 1, 12 · OP
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Well since noone else has replied I'll take a stab at it. I will focus on your kill of Will, and compare it when applicable to our kill of stone guard, as they have a similar duration and they both have a fair bit of raid damage (and we haven't made it to Will yet, as our dps is quite low).

Let's start with your disc priest. I'm assuming that's his offspec but I wasn't able to check his gear on it, so I can't really tell what stat priorities he's got. Spec's ok though I would change Divine Insight for Power Infusion probably.
- One key thing I can see is that he has severely underused Spirit Shell. He used it 4 times when he could have gotten 6-7 uses out of it. He should not be delaying it so much, it is worth using it even if it is just to put some massive Greater Heal shields on the 2 tanks.
- He should be careful where he's casting his PoH, there is a Spirit Shell phase where he's casting PoH on the Monk tank, who is too far away from the rest of the people in his group and noone else ends up getting it. That might have to do simply with how you have arranged the groups. But something to think about, it's a waste of PoHs, he would have built higher Spirit Shells on the Monk using Greater Heal for example.
- He used very few Archangels, surely he should be able to benefit from that buff more. I like to couple it with Spirit Shell personally, but others like to space it out. But again with something that has a 30 second cooldown, it should be seeing much more than 2 uses in a 9 minute fight.
- Cascade would be better than Halo I think, on 10mans especially. I see he is specced into it now, but noticed in the fight he was using Halo.
- His Prayer of Mending uptime is extremely low. It seems he was using it on the Monk tank who I am guessing is far away from the rest of the group, so the PoM didn't jump to anyone. It would probably be better to let it bounce around the melee, or the ranged during gas at least. No biggie though, it's not a huge source of healing for us, still something worth mentioning perhaps.
- If you ask me PW:Solace is a waste of time nowadays, with how good we scale with Spirit. I would just use Mindbender instead, and use the time for atonement healing instead. It does more dps anyway.
- Very low Holy Fire usage, 18 casts which would amount to 3 minutes of fighting.
- Penance: Very low usage, about 11 uses which would account for under 2 minutes of fighting. He should be using this every 10 seconds, and either on a target that he needs to build Grace on, or offensively on the boss to refresh Evangelism and heal up to 3 different targets via atonement.
- Even if using PW:S only for Rapture, and he should be using it more, he would have had to have 4-5 PW:Ss a minute, or 36-44 over the fight, he had 23. By comparison, I used it 32 times in our 7 minute fight.
- I think those are some key points.
Here's a comparison with my Priest's (ilvl 478) numbers on the 7 minute Stone Guard fight, vs your priest in the much longer 9 minute fight:

Overall effective HPS: 58k vs 30k
Spirit Shell healing: 7000k vs 2400k
Atonement+Penance healing: 3700k vs 3500k
PW:S healing: 3500k vs 2100k

OK moving on to your Monk tank. I'm noticing he's dual-wielding. Maybe I'm not the best person to answer this, but I was under the impression that brewmasters tend to use a 2hander. I'm gonna compare him to our Monk tank.
- First off, I see he is not using the Black Ox Statue, the statue would have placed considerably Guard shields on various players over the duration of the fight, helping with your healing considerably. In our tank's case it amounted to 1200k healing over the 7 minute fight.
- He seems to also have never used Chi Wave, which could also have accounted for a lot of healing, even more so if the melee were around him instead of the dk.
- I'm not sure I can explain it, but our Monk's Guard did 1600k healing with 7 uses while your Monk's Guard did only 540k healing with 8 uses. Seems strange to me.
- I don't know enough to know if the uptime of his various buffs is appropriate, but I do know monks depend a lot on that.

I can't see much wrong with your dk, but I don't know enough about them to make a full analysis. But it seems to me that at least towards the end of that fight he was getting hit by the Devastating Arc a lot. That means he spent a lot of time with armor debuff on him, usually only 10% but still it all adds up. I do notice however that he did the majority of the healing on himself, he did 66% while you did the remaining 33%. Frankly your disc should have been helping along on both tanks, at the very least with some shields if not more. I'm not sure how different this fight is from LFR, but I have no problem in that fight reaching both tanks most of the time.

K now about you, based on what I know from Mistweavers, so take this with a few grains of salt.
- It is my understanding that Renewing Mists should be cast essentially on cd, in which case I would have expected more casts. You had 47 casts, which would account for 6.3 minutes.
- I would have expected 2 uses of Revival, it seems you only had one, though I'm not sure how it healed 11 people, pets maybe. Revival is pretty massive healing.
- Am I just not finding it in the logs, or did you never use Life Cocoon?
- I was expecting a bit more healing from Uplift, but again that might be just me not knowing enough about monks.

Overall I think your Disc is more of "the weakest link" so to speak. Or it might be simply that I understand the class much more and can see more things. Anyway them's my 2c.

I am assuming it was the dk that accused you of not healing, since you were it seems to me assigned to him, and it is true that he did most the healing on himself, hence why he perhaps felt you should have healed him more. But I would be more worried about your disc priest, he should be owning that fight.
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Posted Dec 1, 12
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Thanks for the reply Adinne!

First of all it wasn't the dk that pointed out a potential problem with healing it was the monk. I was focusing more on healing the monk at the time and had issues keeping him up so our disc priest took over and I started healing the dk. He posted healing done to both tanks and accused me because the dk got more healing but then again I personally find it silly to compare the single target of monk and disc priest healing especially now. Monks are better raid healers and I personally find tank healing with them to be lackluster.

As far as my healing by spell goes it could be me making poor choices for that particular fight. Renewing mist and uplift and almost always my top heal but for that fight my soothing and enveloping mist healing is higher. Not sure if I'm healing correctly for that particular fight or not but I heal the way I do because titan gas aside the damage done is primarily tank and random raid damage from adds. I personally think it would be more cost effective to heal with those spells besides keeping heavy renewing mist uptime when uplifts for the most part are not a good heal choice for 90% of that fight. Regardless I try to keep my renewing mist on cd so perhaps I just got overwhelmed and was sloppy.

You are right I was not using life cocoon enough and for that kill attempt I don't think I used it once. It would help a lot with tank healing so I should remember to use it. With revival I think that is just a communication issue. For starters our other main healer (resto shaman) had internet issues by the time we got to that fight so our shadow/disc priest took over healing for him. I only use my revivals during titan's gas and our shaman and I usually cycle through our cds for each of those phases so I used mine once and the disc priest used spirit shell the second. I guess I just didn't rotate it as well as I could have. I have all these spells on weak auras so I honestly don't know what to say without being there to watch myself play.

In the future I'm going to try and life cocoon the melee strikes on my tank target and see if that helps at all. Just wondering if I can get any use of the soothing mist and hot buffs from it before the absorb is eaten up. Guess it just needs trial and error to see.
Posted Dec 2, 12 · OP