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Custom Debuff List Duplicate Entries Problem

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So I have lived with this problem for over 12 months or more but it is becoming a bigger problem wit even more entries for the new raids etc.

I have tried completely removing all Vuhdo from my computer but after a fresh install it came back again this was about mid way through Dragon Soul.

As an example Necrotic Strike custom debuff has over 200 entries in the list and trying to navigate past such things lags my game out completly for about a minute as the file gets scrolled through.

I have tried Tools Reset Custom Debuffs but it kills Vuhdo completely - luckily i had made a copy of the Vuhdo saved variables and was able to restart it back to where it was. I like the way its all setup and do not particularly want to have to reset everything again. Can you possibly tell me if there is a way to manually find and remove these entries or are they stored in strange places.

Necrotic Strike is just one of the entries thats duplicated - the list is too long - getting to 1500 or more Custom Debuff lines.

Forgot to mention trying to Remove/Delete each entry from inside the Addon using the interface results in errors and if i do get the list partially cleaned it just resets it all the next time i log out/in
Posted Nov 21, 12 · OP
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This was an old old issue with saved variables that you've been updating through many versions of vuhdo. Just wipe your settings by shutting down wow, going to Vuhdo folder, and then double clicking on reset_vuhdo.bat. That should wipe all the vuhdo settings. Then set them up again from scratch once you restart wow.
Posted Nov 21, 12
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Actually i did that 11 months ago and it never fixed the multiple entries issue just meant that everything was reset to default. OK going to have to continue to live with it I suppose thx
Posted Nov 22, 12 · OP
Iza a
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I really recommend reseting the addon like Zohar said.Thousands of duplicate custom debuff lines most likely are a bas resource hog in terms of memory and cpu load.
Posted Nov 22, 12
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Yeah I only say it cause I had that happen to me before so I know exactly what you're saying. In fact I remember posting here about it:
A complete wipe of vuhdo settings and setting up from scratch was the only thing that got rid of it for me in the end.
Posted Nov 22, 12
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