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Can't see more than 25 players

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Hi there. I'm sure I am just derping somewhere, but I can not get my Vuhdo to show more than 25 players no matter what settings I change. I must be overlooking something.

I mostly only raid 10's so it's not a big deal, but with world boss encounters I need up to 40.

I have tried changing the amount of columns/rows that can show but still the same. Is there somewhere I am missing a setting?

Posted Nov 19, 12 · OP
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Make sure that in the "Move!" tab, your main frame that has "Group 1", "Group 2" etc does in fact go all the way to "Group 8", instead of stopping at Group 5. If not, you'll have to add those extra groups there.

Other than that, you can set a profile to be used when the raid group reaches specific sizes, and you'll need to make sure to either not have anything selected there, or to make sure that the profile you are editing works when over at 25 people. Those settings would be under Tools.
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Posted Nov 19, 12
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Hi Adinne. Yes, I've made sure that the profile opens for 40 people.

However, I did not think to check the groups! That may be it. I'm at work but will check asap when I get home.

Thank you!
Posted Nov 19, 12 · OP
Iza a
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Yes, auto-loading profiles by group size will not change the number of groups in your panels inherently.
Posted Nov 20, 12