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10 Wind Lord Mel'jarak

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Roughly 10 pulls on this boss and handling the CC's, Battle-Mender Interrupts, etc... of phase I appears to be straightforward. However, we're having trouble healing through the "Rain of Blades" in Phase II. I immediately noticed that the DBM timer was completely off for this ability and did some digging.
As mentioned in the latest track changes of DBM found here, the boss seems to cast this ability every 45-60ish seconds. Our logs confirm the variation, although ~80% of the casts happen every 1minute with the odd 45 second ICD.
I was planning on building my own set of Weak Auras with ICD timers of 45 and 60 seconds, attempting to cover every 60 second "Rain of Blades with AA/Spirit Shell and other healing CDs for those nasty 45sec ones.

Anyone out there have some nice tricks for dealing with P2 Rain of Blades timing/healing?
Posted Nov 19, 12 · OP · Last edited Nov 19, 12
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We have experienced the same issue. We were lasting through 2 RoB with the 3rd destroying us due to 1) not having a raid CD and 2) OOM.

We tried just using 1 major healing CD per Rain of Blades and found that we really struggled. For example, I tried just Tranquility. We lost someone and almost lost more. So then I tried Tranquility + Nature's Vigil and that was much more comfortable. Same with Shaman 'tranquility' totem and Paladin Guardian--they just wasn't quite enough on their own. Doubling up on CDs, we comfortably make it through 2x RoB...but the 3rd we're flat.

We're going to try thinning the CD's a bit more and adjusting talents to have on-use throughput as opposed to sustained throughput. It will also be important to leverage non-healer raid CD's like Warrior Rallying Cry to get through them. Remember that RoB is physical damage so -magic damage stuff won't help. - guild advice for guild leaders
Posted Nov 19, 12
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Try Bigwigs instead of DBM, I think thats what our raid leader is using at the moment. I know in the past Bigwigs has been better with timing, I remember Seeds on Ragnaros specifically. DBM always catches up eventually, and then you could switch back if you prefer.

As far as healing goes, we use bloodlust for one RoB, also use feral tranq, Ancestral Guidance, healthstones, basically whatever you have. Havent killed it yet, but I think 7% or so is our best.

Oh and Battle Healer is great, our tank is worth an extra healer on the first part of the fight and a solid 20k HPS in Ph 2. Go slow at the start of the fight though, or youll pull aggro.

From logs from last night, CDs for each RoB looks like:
1) timewarp/feral Nature's Vigil
2) feral tranq/pally hammer/rallying cry
3) Divine hymn/ancestral guidance
4) Healthstones and crossed fingers, Ive no idea how we survived this one
5) Pally hammer/Nature's Vigil/ rallying cry again
Posted Nov 19, 12 · Last edited Nov 19, 12
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Noodlenose wrote:
Try Bigwigs instead of DBM,

YES! Not perfect but much better Rain of Blades Timers. It did take me awhile to understand the layout of the addon since I'm not used to cute bells and whistles as mechanic prompts but the boss died!
Posted Nov 21, 12 · OP
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Grats on the kill. So at what stage on the RoB timer did you start prepping with Spirit Shell?

Unfortunately we have lost our leet pally heals due to Real Life. One way or another we will probably have a disc priest this week, so any tips on timing would be great.
Posted Nov 21, 12
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I'm 10man and though I haven't done this fight yet on normal, I like to shell with 2 PoHs on each group, alternating them of course, so I would start about 10 seconds in advance, cause that's how long it will take to put them up. and then cast a 5th and 6th one as it happens. You are left with about 12 seconds before they expire, so if you get the timer off by more than that you're out of luck.
I would also make sure to combine it with Archangel, as it benefits from that bonus, and 25% buffed Spirit Shells rock. Of course throw out a PoM before you start, and a Cascade as the damage is starting to come in (as its effect happens mostly 2-3 seconds after you cast it. Depending on your mastery and crit, each PoH will put at least 50k shielding on each person, and you can typically fit about 6 of them in the shell time.
Keep in mind that whether a cast will be shelled or not depends on whether you still have the buff when you finish the cast, not when you start it.

Hm this prompts me to think about haste caps for Disc based on fitting extra PoHs into the SS timing. But that's another post.
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Posted Nov 21, 12
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Don't see raid comp; however, I see a Druid. I know symbiosis gives Spriest Tranq, maybe something like that. Also Spriest can VE for one. Save a 3 orb DP just after VE is a good amount of healing.

Also, several classes can cast heals if glyphed.
Posted Nov 22, 12
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Noodlenose wrote:
Grats on the kill. So at what stage on the RoB timer did you start prepping with Spirit Shell?

Roughly 10-15seconds left on the BigWigs timer I would begin, always using Archangel in tandem with Spirit Shell. It felt great when the timer was correct and horrible when it missed and all those SS bubbles began to expire...sad panda.
We were running to the melee as soon as the cast began to let the Holy Pally get some Radiance on us & better Wild Growth coverage in additional to the usual instants. Results here.

Disclaimer: In recognition of getting very angry at people for popping Wind Bombs, then subsequently popping one myself during our kill, I hereby claim the Helm of Shame and publicly state my herp derp.
Posted Nov 22, 12 · OP