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debuff issues (includes screenshots)

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Hi all, I'm having a few problems with debuffs. My biggest problem at the moment is tooltip displays- on my priest they work fine (as in, when I mouse over any debuff icon on my raid frames, it shows the tooltip for that debuff with its name and what it does) but on my paladin (whose profile is actually a copy of my priest's with some tweaks) debuff tooltips generally don't display. Sometimes they do but it seems to be a random occurrence. Is there any way to fix it so that when I mouse over the debuff icon, the tooltip will always display?
Here are a few pictures of how I have tooltips and debuffs set up:



Also, is it possible to make single debuffs larger than others? For instance in MSV when players are mindcontrolled they get a large debuff on the left-hand side of the standard raid frames that indicates they are MC'd and then the debuffs they might get on them while MC'd are shown smaller like usual.

On a less important note, sometimes when multiple debuffs are out and then one is dispelled or wears off, it will leave a gap between the other debuffs or a debuff will stay closer to the center of the frame instead of moving to the left like they do in standard raid frames. Is this supposed to happen or is it just the way Vuhdo handles debuffs?
Here are pictures in case I'm not explaining well enough:

Censure was between the other two debuffs.

The debuff on the mage was also on the dk, but the dk's debuff wore off.
Posted Nov 16, 12 · OP · Last edited Nov 16, 12
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Regarding the tooltips. Try playing with the last panel you're showing, Options-Debuffs-Visual and adjusting bit by bit x and y position and see if it makes any difference if you bring them in more. If your debuffs are overlapping the outside edge of the hpbar, try adjusting the gap between the bars to be a little bigger under Options-Panels-Sizing.

For MC, make a separate bouquet, and put in it by name all the debuffs that are important in MSV that MC players. Then show that bouquet in one of the hot slots, and adjust the size of the hot slot to whatever you want. Also make sure you delete that debuff from the custom debuff list under Options-Debuffs-Custom so you don't show it twice.

For multiple debuffs, it just happens. This is something for Iza to look at and he's on vacation atm so just wait till he's back to see what he says about that.
Posted Nov 16, 12
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Thanks so much for your reply! It seems that adjusting the positions of the debuffs has made the tooltips show when I want them to, it could be going through its phase of working and then it will stop working but for now the problem is resolved.
I hadn't even though of bouquets, mainly because they're a little confusing but your directions make sense and so that is what I've done.
And yeah the last thing was just an aesthetic thing, not of any real importance.
Thanks again!
Posted Nov 18, 12 · OP
Iza a
Yes, thanks a ton, again, Zohar! Generally debuffs will stay in the place they were once assigned to unless they wear off/are dispelled. I thought it would be less clutter compared to moving them around all the time.
Posted Nov 18, 12