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25m Garalon

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So we seem stuck on this boss but only just started messing around with him this week. As a healer, the biggest thing I am seeing is major aoe damage. We've tried stacking in one spot, stacking on a marked range to follow, etc but people are always out of range and mana goes fast. Any suggestions for healers on this fight? we are using 6 heals for it on 25m.
Posted Nov 16, 12 · OP
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We ended up with 3 groups: a melee stack followed by a healer (monk), a ranged stack followed by three healers, and 'the rest' followed by one healer. 'The rest' consists of two tanks, the pheromones kiter, and a healer leading the kite path. The melee stack moves from leg to leg during the whole fight. The ranged stack near the middle of the room. 'The rest' do their jobs. We swap at ~13 stacks. We used one healer to lead the kiter and heal them and the tanks. Range on the kiter is a serious problem, especially in the corners, but we were able to mitigate this with Beacon of Light and Holy Light spam on the tanks and the leading healer.

There are no burn or burst phases on this fight, so we used Lust right away to get legs down quickly and cycled through our healing cooldowns starting on the second Crush. Healers should use their cooldowns in this fight for mana conservation. Getting two of each major cooldown during the fight greatly reduces the mana spent on your regular spells.

We were getting to the enrage with all 25 people alive, so we dropped from 6 to 5 healers. All 5 were under 20% overhealing on the kill.
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Posted Nov 16, 12