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Issue if someone leaves party/raid

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I'm experiencing an issue where the order of the raid frames gets mixed up if someone drops group in the middle of combat. If that happens, I can click on one person to target them, but I get someone else instead. Not such an issue in my normal raid team, but happens a lot in LFR. A lot of groups will begin a pull with 24 people and once that final person joins and we're in combat, I'm practically useless. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, I'm wondering if there's a way to hide VuDuh under certain scenarios. I like to PvP as DPS and when I get into a 40-man BG the frames really get in the way based on where I have them positioned. I currently move the frame for those BGs but it would be nice to hide it altogether.
Posted Nov 12, 12 · OP
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The first problem is well known and essentially a limitation on Blizzard's side as far as I understand. One thing you can try is to do a /reload, risky but there is a good chance all frames will be normal when you get back.

As for the second question, you can set different profiles for different group sizes at least. Not sure what other conditions are there. Look under Tools.
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Posted Nov 12, 12
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First is essentially a blizz issue yes.
For second, just make a profile under Options-Tools-Profiles and for it, go to Options-Move and click - next to all panels until they completely disappear. Save the profile under Options-Tools-Profiles, after you check the 40 man checkbox.
Posted Nov 12, 12