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Warlock's pet health bar in Vuhdo disappears when in combat

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zohar101 wrote:
There's a few settings you ought to make sure are checked like Options-General-General-Hide and check Empty and Empty Buttons.

Sweet! Looks like checking the 'Empty and Empty Buttons' boxes did the trick. I could now move the pet panel to overlap the raid panel, and now I can see the pet panel right next to mine and click on it fine. Without those 2 checked looks like the empty raid panel was interfering with my pet panel. Thanks again.
Posted Nov 15, 12 · OP
Iza a
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Pet bars will be shown 2.3 secs after pet is summoned. I'll try to speed this up for next update (Though I tested it a while ago and it seemed to be troublesome times).
Posted Nov 18, 12
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Pity. That much of a delay makes a fly-in an attack impossible since the pet bar won't pop until after the fight. :undecided:
Posted Nov 18, 12 · OP
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