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Spirit vs Intellect

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For comparison purposes, I thought I'd throw my info out there too.

Feng Logs

Affeena - Dalaran
Intellect 14574
Spirit 6449
Mastery 18.68%
Spell Power 20377
Haste 11.15%
Crit 10.73%

I'm not horribly picky about my stats. I am in the mood to keep reducing spirit and inching up to the next haste breakpoint. One of these days I'll switch some gems out. If it starts to not feel like it's working well, then I'll start switching things around more.
Posted Nov 14, 12
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Starlees: Looks like you're in balance spec, which is why the combat regen number is wonky. I don't know if there are any gear differences as well.
Posted Nov 14, 12 · Last edited Nov 14, 12
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I find it rather silly that some people deliberately cut back on regen, especially in first tier. For healers regen IS throughput. It won't matter that your heals heal for 5% more if you still need to cast as many.

For priests its very easy to see this without changing gear. Try running with Inner Fire the entire fight and tell me that 10% more spell power was worth sitting OOM.

Sure, some bosses or boss phases may have different requirements, but those are exceptions and we are talking about the general gearing strat.
Posted Nov 14, 12
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Oleander wrote:
Starlees: Looks like you're in balance spec, which is why the combat regen number is wonky. I don't know if there are any gear differences as well.


Mana Regen 17787
Combat Regen 11893
Posted Nov 14, 12 · OP
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Frankly I never saw the appeal of using Inner Will, outside of renew spamming or PWS spamming. The switch increases the HPM of your instant spells by 10%, but decreases the HPM of all your other spells by 6%. For Disc the instant spells would be Cascade, PW:S, PoM, while the other spells would be HF, Penance, PoH, GH, Smite. Holy Fire does not count as an instant spell even when glyphed. I guess your mileage maybe vary, but I don't see this as a worthwhile tradeoff, for Disc anyway, unless I'm about to spam PW:Ss, which is very unlikely. Maybe it's different for Holy.
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Posted Nov 14, 12
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I have reforged out of spirit for the benefit of haste or mastery and gemmed/enchanted full intellect and haven't had any major issues running out of mana on any boss. We're at 3/6 normal HoF on 25man, but haven't started heroics yet, where things may be different...
I'd have to check in game for my stats, but at the moment I'm ilvl 485 and have about 4.3K haste, 18% mastery and 15% crit.
I'm not sure, but I think I have about 4K spirit left I couldn't reforge out further.
The haste is just enough to get another tick on WG when windsong haste proc is up (9 instead of 8 without SoTF - 13 instead of 12 with sotF).
This allows me to have very high burst aoe healing when needed. I only have to be carefull not to spam when it's not really needed.
The rest is management of personal and raid mana resources.

It does get tight at times, but that is usually because dps is taking avoidable damage or the fight takes longer because too many died.
I don't believe we should stack more spirit to accomodate for that, but grow as a team to do the encounter right on all fields.

With a spirit build I end up low on the healing meters and don't contribute as much during aoe healing phases.
With an intellect build I'm in the same range as paladins and priests, sometimes performing better, sometimes worse.
Resto shamans usually are the highest. Monks should be generally higher as well, but we haven't got a good monk in our raid team at the moment to show for that.

I realize there is no number crunching here to support this, but all I'm saying is that it's not only stats, but also how you play and use the mana you have available to stay competitve while being efficient.
Posted Nov 15, 12
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