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Elegon 10m Normal

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lument wrote:
2) Killing 4 waves of adds. We determined that we wanted 100% mana going into the last phase. What this meant was that for the 2nd round of charges we would only kill 3 sets--clearly saving us a lot of mana. So 4 waves for the first round, 3 waves for the second round.

5) (Back to the beginning of the fight) Only getting 2 Protectors. We were stuck getting 3 Protectors for our first attempts. As soon as we pushed our DPS to only get 2 Protectors, everything lined up better for healer cooldowns...

I'm not sure if I'm incorrectly understanding your 2nd point here but if I am feel free to correct me.

If there is an issue with hitting the enrage timer and a lack of heroism the last thing you are going to want to do is not kill sparks. We aim for 5 + 5 so that we have 10 debuffs on the boss which means we kill 4 sparks during each transition and then do a straight burn on the boss while the 5th set of sparks wanders their way to their pillars.

We also have our dps burn down their respective pillar solo (and once you finish yours move to the other pillars on your side and help get them down). We do it this way because every time you kill a pillar the boss casts 20% quicker and does 20% more damage until the phase ends. By downing all the pillars at once you minimize the raid wide damage that boss does through his pulses.

We have the tanks holding threat on the adds which reduces the damage the other players take. Once the platform comes back up we slow them and have the dps burn them down and hope the tanks had/have a big enough threat lead.

This also means that there is a long period of no damage where you can be doing passive regen. I tend to burn my spirit on effect trinket as soon as I hit 85% mana on this fight and then on CD anytime after that. I use divine plea as we wait for the last spark to migrate his way to the pillars. We (priest + myself) consistently hit the final phase at > 70% mana this way.

Point number 5 is also huge. It really makes a difference only getting two protectors on the first phase (100-85%).

Resetting is also really nice for that last phase you just have to watch your HP. If you are low on health don't reset until you get a heal. Stepping out to drop the stacks is a 50k (I think, might be 75k) hit.
Posted Nov 1, 12
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Thanks, all! We got him down yesterday and then 2 shot emperor, so we've finally killed everything in the instance :sick:. Your tips were what did it -- treeform plus nature's vigil was amazing at the 20% mark, as was assigning dps to specific pillars and getting them all down at once. We even got the straight six achievement :sick:.

I will now be starting a new thread, because today we spent 4 hours wiping on the first boss in heart of fear lol.
Posted Nov 6, 12 · OP
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