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Need a feel good pc game

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So... I just been dumped (via email) by my girlfriend after 4 and 1/2 years of communal life... needless to say that I feel like shit. I need a simple feel good game on PC to hopefully keep me busy or I will go insane. Plz give me suggestions if you know of any.
Posted Oct 23, 12 · OP
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It's pretty old now, but I can't think of a game that made me laugh as much as Psychonauts
Posted Oct 23, 12
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Plants vs Zombies

Bloons Tower Defense 5
Posted Oct 23, 12
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thank you :sick:
Posted Oct 24, 12 · OP
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I like to rely on shooters after a bad breakup. Great source of stress relief.

I recommend CS: GO.
Posted Nov 2, 12