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Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

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We got this boss down just yesterday. Thing that helped us:
  • Two-heal it. There's absolutely no way we were going to make it with three heals. You will have times when the same healer goes down a lot. For us, that happened to be me, and i would make sure to hot people between totems to help extend the other healer's mana (and my heals were getting more and more buffed)
  • As a druid, I spam rejuv on people in the spirit phase after everyone is full. Its 1s GCD helps add stacks of awesome.
  • We used an addon to call out who goes into the portal next. It was pretty good and made the RL's job a lot easier.
  • Mark a stack point in melee range for those outside the spirit phase so it's a bit easier to heal. Every non-tank should be on that spot except when the totem appears there.
  • Try to get into the spirit realm asap. This helps reduce the chance that the totem link will change just as you break the totem
  • Try to get everyone out of the spirit realm before the next totem appears.
Posted Nov 2, 12
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My guild currently has no raiders with heroism, so we had no choice but to 2 heal this. As long as your dps are good about killing adds, this fight shouldn't be too difficult. Dot classes especially should be going into the shadow realm a lot. We had our lock spec affliction for this fight. We also had an spriest and moonkin and pretty much just rotated those 3 into the shadow realm with 2 healers. We sent in melee dps if one or both were voodoo dolled.

Basically, don't conserve mana. I do this: lbs on the tank, rejuv on the dolls, wg pretty much on cd, swiftmend on cd (if I have the doll, i try to stand next to at least one other person with it so swiftmend aoe heal gets both of us), spam regrowths as filler. Don't use tree form too early on; you shouldn't worry about mana for this fight. Tree form only when you need to to keep people up. You will not be using it for lifebloom spam/mana conservation on this fight; you'll be using it to save people. Don't be stingy about the mana usage; you'll get plenty when you go into the spirit realm. Do innervate/spirit trinket early and on cd, and save mana pot for 2 voodoo dolls on you in a row, but other than that, you should be fine. Wait to ironbark until about 10 seconds before the current tank gets teleported to the shadow realm, since damage increases over time. As soon as 20% hits, tranq, and then use cds like treeform or nature's vigil. Timewarp and have your dps get him down ASAP.
Posted Nov 6, 12
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