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Transitioning to 25m Healing, and Heroic Modes

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Do any of you have any tips/hints/tricks/advice on some things one might expect when transitioning into 25 man healing after being used to 10 man for so long?

Furthermore, any guidance on transitioning to hard modes, 25 man? This doesn't need to be priest specific, but those tips are welcome as well! This can include all class specifics, and perhaps we can get a discussion going on what every healing class can expect for their different heal style in 25 mans as well as heroics.


Posted Jan 31, 12 · OP
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One big difference when I switched from 10 to 25 was the prevalence of healing assignments. If you're given assignments, trust the other healers and don't stray from your duties. You can't heal all the things in 25. (Though I'm back to 10 now since 4.2.)
Posted Jan 31, 12
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Well, I've primarily raided in 10 man, but did 25's at the start of T-11 and for the 2nd and 3rd weeks of DS on my shammy (even got a couple top 5-percentile parses on her). So, it's hard to say how much of the transition is due to raid size, and how much of it is from raiding on a different class. I agree that strict healing assignments are more common in 25's, and that it feels like healing is more teamwork-oriented. You have to be more aware of incoming heals, it can be a little frustrating setting up a big heal and it all goes to overheals, since someone else had a little more haste. :sick: Compared to FL and T-11, there's far more raid stacking, so you don't usually have to be as cautious about who you heal with PoM or other spells that bounce from one player to another, but that's true of both raid sizes. In FL and T-11, it made a much bigger difference for 10's vs. 25's. For disc (I play it primarily with holy OS on some fights, or if we need another priest to go disc), I can bubble-spam more effectively in 10's than I can in 25's - there's no way to get shields on everyone (I'd run out of mana, and the ones I put on first would run out before I finished). So, I watch and see who tends to take more damage, and try to get my pre-casts and bubbles on them first.

Vent (or Mumble, or whatever voice chat you use) may have a very different tone/feel than you're used to. If multiple people are calling things in 25's it can be very chaotic, even more so than on 10's.
Posted Jan 31, 12
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I would love to see more healers transition from 10 to 25 man.

With more healers, expect to see a little competition from other healers. Don't let it get to you and don't take it personally when you have a bad day.

Be prepared for more scripted cooldowns and more elements of organized chaos.
Posted Jan 31, 12
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My first raid with the new guild was mostly successful.

I think this group has been healing together for a good chunk of time, so one thing I noticed was there are no heal assignments really, other than heroic morchok where we have certain healers on certain sides. Other than that though, on H: Hagara CD's were never voiced for the tank, leaving me to do guesswork for when the best time to toss out Guardian Spirit and Divine Hymn were. Even for dispels on the frostflake people, no healers were assigned.

I'm fairly confident that when the situation actually demands some more organization they will do so; I believe last night was just a basic test run with the new encounter we're facing. (They do normal mode for skittles and ping pong).

As for competition among healers, I noticed that I tend to just avoid competing haha. If they want to go all out and use their mana up, cool! Just means I get to sit back and cast "Heal" while I wait for players' health to actually drop. Thanks to my Holy Priest's AOE toolbox I was doing plenty of the healing by the end of the fights, and actually not very much overhealing. That's just kind of how I heal... since I know players love to be the first on the scene with their heals, I let them do so, and patch up others as needed. Overhealing makes me sad, so i just assist the others that are aggressively healing.

EDIT: D'awwww Matticus made this a topic on his blog. ^.^ Thanks, hopefully some awesome tips will come in!
Posted Feb 1, 12 · OP · Last edited Feb 1, 12
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25 Heroic modes compared to 10s expect bigger tank spikes and general things hit harder. If you don't have assignments I would run it by the healing 'lead' and see what they want you focusing on, as holy you will probably get assigned a group #. Raid comp is not really as important in 25m, although it seems there may be some fights where you will need at least 1 disc priest and probably a holy paladin or 2. That all depends on how well your healers adjust.

Raid cooldown coordination is becoming a key to success for multiple fights (a trend which I think encourages team work and I actually like it). As holy, expect your DH to be ready to save the raid, talk to the heal lead if they want YOU to decide when you should use or when the heal lead is going to call out for it, same for guardian spirit.
Posted Feb 2, 12