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After FL: Am I over the hill?

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I guess there's really no way to hide it, so I might as well confess: Yes, this is a "please help me not suck" post :sick: !

I've been healing Firelands and now Dragon Soul as holy paladin in a casual guild (we raid one night a week, and for some, this is the only time they log on). We run with 3 healers: me, a shaman and a disc priest.

For most of FL, I was routinely at the top of the meters, and also had the warm and cozy feeling that I could keep people alive and in the fight. Now, with DS, I'm consistently the lowest HPS performer and I have a disturbing feeling that I'm loosing the tank more often than I should and not providing enough for the raid. On top of that, my mana seems to be dropping faster than the stockmarket. And the worst part is, I can't figure out why this has changed so dramatically. Yes, I realize a new tier will be harder than the previous, but i don't see that explaining the change relative to the other healers.

So, in the spirit of wanting to learn, I'm asking your expert advice on how I might improve. At the risk of public ridicule, here is

My armory:

This weeks WOL report:

Any help and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Posted Dec 20, 11 · OP
First of all, I highly doubt you have to worry about "public ridicule" on this site. It tends to draw a more mature crowd.

I'm not that great at picking things out of logs, but a few things that stick out to me:

- Judgements of the Pure. Looking at your logs, it seems to have a 80%ish uptime on your boss kills. You need need need to have that buff up as much as possible- I'd suggest using an addon such as IceHUD or Power Auras to track the remaining duration on the buff. I have IceHUD just put a bar on my screen that goes from full to empty over the 60 second duration, so that I can easily remind myself "hey I have 15 seconds left on my JotP buff, I should Judge soon". This by itself is a huge part of you running OOM (30% extra Spirit regen) and having tank deaths (9% haste is a lot).

- You don't use your cooldowns often enough, both your throughput cooldowns, defensive cooldowns (Divine Protection and Aura Mastery) and of course Divine Plea.

- Not having Replenishment sucks, not much you can do about that though >.<

You also have some weird stuff in your armory, like using 28 SP to gloves over 50 haste.

Sorry if this isn't terribly detailed but I have to leave in a few and don't have time to really sit down and critique a lot. Hopefully someone else will pick up where I left off
Posted Dec 20, 11
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any and all input is appreciated, so no need for excuses.

I honestly cannot tell you what (if any) reasoning was behind the glove enchant - but it's been updated to +50 haste now. As far as JotP goes, I will look into the two options you mention to increase its uptime.

I have always been weak on cooldowns. Possibly because I'm thinking I need to save those for a rainy day, and thus don't just use them when they're ready. Which usually mean, I rarely remember using them at all, save perhaps for Lay on Hands at really oh-crap-moments. How do you guys use them? On CD, or are you just so much on top of the fight that you know exactly when to pop what?

Posted Dec 20, 11 · OP
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"It tends to draw a more mature crowd."

Not true, I post here all the time. But I rarely ridicule. I couldn't say I picked out anything really bad you did in terms of healing in the logs but then again I'm not a paladin so spell usage could be an issue. One thing I did notice was that in one of the the Warlord Ping Pong fights there was hardly any healing going out to the tank in the last 15 sec before his death except by beacon. One thing to keep in mind is the new world of pally healing is not friendly to the previous endless mana scenario so your spell usage may need to be altered.

One thing I did see on your tank:

"[20:59:56.568] Warlord Zon'ozz crits Fizica *105850* (O: 20719)"

This might be a problem :sick:

You certainly aren't over the hill, just adapt and make the shaman and priest cry at your leet skills once agian.
Posted Dec 20, 11
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On cool downs best advice I got (from some one here) is while not using them on CD do use them often.
That will get you in the habit of using them and quickly when needed.

Gradually you can refine when you use them for best effect.
Chat with your tanks, RL to discuss coordinating CD usage so that tanks know they can call out to you when they need a extra CD.

About Judgement of the Pure - I was so used to judging all the time its taken a bit of time to get used to judging now only occasionally but enough to keep it up. I use PowerAuras to alert me.

Here is the PowerAura definition I use for Judgement of the Pure:
- visual indication when its up,
- count down time indication,
- annoying audible alert when it is not up.
Version:4.23; b:0.4275; g:0.8941; icon:Ability_Paladin_JudgementofthePure; buffname:Judgements of the Pure; r:0.8471; texture:64; alpha:0.48; soundend:11; size:1.18; y:-35; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:1.93; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-3; timer.x:114; timer.Seconds99:true

Here's what it looks like:

If you add this companion Power Aura you will also get a pulsating visual indication when JoP is NOT up:
Version:4.23; b:0.749; anim1:4; g:0.0627; icon:Ability_Paladin_JudgementofthePure; buffname:Judgements of the Pure; r:0.8941; texture:64; alpha:0.48; soundend:11; size:1.18; inRaid:true; y:-35; inverse:true
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Posted Dec 21, 11
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Ok, so now I've gotten Power Aura setup to display the buff icon with a count-down timer, showing if and for how long it is up, and a large, iriitating pulsating ring around my character when it is not. Hopefully that'll make me judge often enough :sick:
Posted Dec 22, 11 · OP
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Just to report on the result: I just did DS LFR, and this time I had 94% uptime on JotP during boss fights - so definitely an improvement.

I'm still thinking I'm not dealing out all the healing that I potentially could. Based on various logs I've been browsing, I'm now guessing I'm not using Holy Radiance enough - it seems others have a much larger percentage of their healing coming from this spell, than I do - any imba holy palas out there who can confirm this? Are you using something like a "H.Radiance, H. Radiance, Holy Shock, Light of Dawn" - sequence?
Posted Dec 22, 11 · OP
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Yeah, I tend to use the Holy Shock + 2x Holy Radiance -> Light of Dawn combo quite a bit in LFR for pretty much any situation that has any degree of incoming AoE damage. That particular combo makes up the vast majority of my spell casts over the course of either LFR raid. In truth, I probably overuse it, but that's in part due to the fact that I tend to queue for LFR with friends and raidmates, so I know we can still pull out a successful victory even if we all goof off a little. :sick:
Posted Dec 22, 11
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In LFR you're generally safe to inflate yourself on the meters with HR spam while letting LoD and Shock cover your tank healing.

In a Normal or Heroic raid you will, of course, want to pay a lot more attention to your assignment(s). If that's tank healing then use what works and if you have mana available for AoE phases then swap to HR/LoD spam as needed. Even when dealing with AoE situations you can conserve mana by using Shock and Crusader Strike to generate cheap Holy Power.

Using Normal Madness as an example, Radiance does the largest portion of my healing even though I'm covering the tanks. This is mostly because Radiance just does so much HPS.
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Posted Dec 22, 11
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How much gear does one need to sustain the Holy shock + 2x radiance + Light of Dawn rotation? Grouped with a paladin guildy in LFR the other day, and they had considerable mana trouble but are also fairly undergeared as Holy.
Posted Dec 23, 11
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