<Total Insanity> formerly located on Earthen Ring moved to Sylvanas about 3 weeks ago, is looking for new players as well as new healers for our raid team. Tier 14 is cleared off and awaiting Tier 15 raid content to clear.

Special interests
  • Warlock
  • Resto Shaman
  • Disc Priest
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Survival Hunter

Head on over to http://total-insanity.enjin.com/forum/viewforum/1577497/m/7094805 for more information as well as application forum.

Draw from guidelines:

Guidelines for applications
Use the proper way of writing. No "nah, yo, ey', oi', m8" or other kind of slang. Write the application as if you were to apply for a job.
Format and the information we need to know is contained within the list below of what information we need.

Country of residence
Tell us about yourself in real life such as hobbies, restraints towards raiding hours and so on.
Past raiding/guild history
Link to your UI(User Interface)
Link to WoL or other websites you record your combat-logs with
Link to your main characters armory
Name at least 1 of your Alts so we know what we can work with if progress requires switching a main to an alt due to fight mechanics.
Leave free comments at the end if there's something you feel is a need to tell us

Attitude and Such

1. Raiders are expected to be friendly and show respect to other players.
2. You are only allowed to raid with you main character during the progression nights. Any main raiding in a 10 man or rival 25 man group using their main will be removed. This only applies to the "Do not get saved to" list below. No ifs, buts, or exceptions, if caught you will be removed. If you want to raid more, or do 10 mans, do it on your alts. If you want to know more about this rule, speak to an officer who will explain.
3. Raiders should post tactic suggestions on the forums, any tactic suggestions mid-raid should go to an appropriate officer, let the raid leader/officers lead appropriately without interference. We encourage feedback but in a positive and good way.
4. Raiders who are on-line during raid hours should be available to raid, unless otherwise agreed with an officer (for example do not be caught doing arenas during raid times)
5. Raiders who wants to complain about other raiders, trial or anything else, talk to an in-game officer. Do not talk directly to the player you wanna complain about. That will cause too much drama and problems during a raid. Only your designate officer.
6. Raiders who need to leave early should notify an officer as soon as possible so we can find your replacement. We need at least 3 hours notification before raid invites to find a replacement.
7. We take random 5-10 minute breaks when we feel the need for it, so do not go random AFK or you will get replaced.

Loot Rules

1. We use normal Loot Master as loot system. Loot masters are Góméz.
2. A raider rank has priority to loot before a trial. Example: Chest drops from a boss and both a raider and a trial rank rolls, the raider will automatically win and get the item regardless of the rolls.
3. Loot drops are given in this order: Raider rank --> Trial/Off-guild trial --> Off-spec.


1. Raiders must continually work to improve their own skills. Doesn't matter if you're the highest DPS or Healer. You need to continually work on your skills and know your class.
2. Raiders must use the required add-ons as listed for raiding.
3. Raiders are expected to come with food, flasks, potions and other things that's appropriate for raids.
4. Raiders must install and use TeamSpeak3. The very least be able to listen. If you're a tank, you are required to have a working microphone to talk.
5. Members of the guild and raid team need to check the forums and website at least twice a week in case of important messages and updates.
6. Raiders are required to get a good idea of every new progression fight before a raid. Example, use youtube for what it's worth, use wow-wiki, mmo-champion, friends etc....
7. Use the in-game calender to accept and decline raids and or events. Please let an officer know or post on the forums if you can't make a raid or will be late.
8. Be ready for invites 15 minutes before raid time. We aim to pull the first mob at raid start. Example, at 19.45 for invites you are caught doing a dungeon, heroic, arena, BG or anything else, you will be corrected and possibly also benched for that raid night.

1. Raiders are expected to have a 66% attendance. That means you're expected to come for 2 out of 3 raid days every week as a raider rank. No one has a guaranteed raid spot, however you will keep your raider rank as long as you raid. If you fail to keep up the attendance requirement you lose your rank and become a trial.
2. A trial rank is expected to have 100% attendance during their trial period. If they fail to attend they need a good reason as to why you couldn't come, or you will fail your trial.
3. A trial isn't required to join the guild, however if we find you good enough to become a raider, you will also be required to become a full member of the guild.

Add-on Requirements

Decursive(Healers only)