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[H-Illidan-US] <Pleasure Town> 10m (9/16H) LF healers!

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<Pleasure Town> is a fun-loving but mature 10-man raiding guild formed in early 2010. We are currently recruiting ambitious and competent healer (Shaman/Monk/Pally) to fill out our core group roster for 5.2 content.

We have recently moved to Illidan because of the decline of available hardmode raiders on Korgath, particularly horde side. We hit 9/16HM shortly after New Year's, but our progression completely stalled due to roster issues. We're currently farming gear and testing recruits in the runup to 5.2, so we can hit T15 hard and progress quickly like we did throughout most of t14.

Group progress: 6/6H MV, 3/6H HoF, 4/4 ToES w/ elite protectors (9/16 heroics total)
Raid times: Tue-Thu: 9:00 PM - 12:00 PM CST with occasional off-nights to accommodate raid progression.
Loot distribution: Loot Council

Feel free to apply on our site if interested.
Add Iflassman via real ID for any questions or additional info: iflassman#1462.
Or get in contact with other officers: Siktirji, Iseun.
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LF pro healer - Shaman/Monk/Pally !
Posted Mar 5, 13 · OP