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[H-PvP-EST-25m] 3/16H & 16/16N LFM

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Guild Name: From The Internet
Level 25 Horde Guild
Server: Zuluhed - PvP - EST (NY)
Raid Times: Tues,Wed,Thurs 8:45pm - 12 EST (9hours/week)
Progression: MV: 6/6N 3/6H 25m | HoF: 6/6 25m | ToES: 4/4 25m
Previous Progression: 13/13H, 7/7H, 8/8H(15%) - Top 250 US-25M
Loot System: EP/GP

Our website:
Wow Forums:

Noteworthy Accomplishments:
Finished T13 realm 3rd in progression.
Finished T13 realm 1st in achievements.
Finished T13 in top 250-25US.

You will be in a well respected progressive guild on a med-low population server, despite our progressive nature, we get along well and have an active guild outside of raiding. Including PvP, alt runs, questing, old raids, etc, etc.

We also let you sponsor friends and family to the guild with no questions asked, so they have a place to call home too.

Our requirements are simple
-Like to slay dragons
-Be respectful
-No sexism/racism/etc !!
-Be willing to adapt and take criticism
-Know when to be serious and when to joke around
-Previous end game experience will be extremely helpful

Recruiting 1 Heals:
1 Resto Shaman OR 1 Holy Paladin OR 1 Mistweaver Monk

Recruiting 1 Hybrid:
1 Resto/Ele Shaman
1 MW/WW Monk
1 Shadow/Holy Priest (Holy prefered, may consider disc)

We are looking for 1 more solid healer and 1 more hybrid that can fill either role.

Contact us if interested! <- email
Battletag: smurrfetteqt#1307 or keybrdmssiah#1548

Looking forward to talking to you!

Kettler/Keybrdmssiah of FTI
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Still looking.
Posted Feb 20, 13 · OP
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Posted Feb 26, 13 · OP
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Still LFM!
Posted Feb 28, 13 · OP
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LFM for 5.2+
Posted Mar 4, 13 · OP
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Hi! Did you find your holy/shadow priest yet? I am not sure I am ready to switch guilds but I am testing the waters. I am currently in a 10 man and wish to find a 25. I am holy/shadow, both ilevels around 500 and am 4/12 Normal ToT. I have logs and youtube videos of me raiding available.
Posted Mar 13, 13
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Hey Winnifred, I sent you a private message but I'll respond here too. Yes, we are still looking for a holy/shadow priest! You can add my battletag to talk tonight or shoot ftizuluhed [at] to get a hold of me quicker.

T15 Progression: 2/14N - Council @ 40%'ish, hopefully dead tonight.
Posted Mar 13, 13 · OP
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4/12N ~ Tortos&Council down - LFM
Posted Mar 14, 13 · OP