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[A] Tribo 25M 4/16H LFM for 5.2 [Nagrand - Oceanic - Late Night/+8GMT]

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<Tribo> of the Oceanic Server of Nagrand is looking to supplement its healing team heading into 5.2

Currently at 4/12N ToT, Tribo is a 5 year old, 25 man raiding guild, raiding at 11pm Oceanic Server Time for 4 hours every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (Or 10pm when daylight savings is active)
If you work on a +8 GMT schedule, then this translates as 8pm year round.

In addition to heals, we are also looking for more DPS.

Looking for mature, knowledgeable, prepared raiders. For more information, or to drop us an application, visit us at

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Bump for 5/16H and still looking to add some more peeps to our raiding team.
Posted Feb 18, 13 · OP
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9/12N ToTs and still looking for a warlock, boomkin, ele sham and a resto shaman for our core 25 man team.
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