Recruitment post:

[A] Covenant (US-Dalaran)
10 man raid, Level 25
Dalaran: Medium level population, Alliance centric
Raid Schedule: Wen/Thurs/Mon 8:15-11pm server time/Eastern Standard time; Tuesday 8:15-11 pm optional ToES farm

Current Needs :
Heals: Mistweaver,Resto Druid or Pally Healer ( as always great players are always welcome to inquire within our Core we have flexibility of how folks can fit it)

Always Needed: Talented raiders who may not be able to commit always to Core but can be a part of our Roster and fill in as needed. A second group runs a much more “casual” run so that is available if needed.

Short History: Covenant was formed in late Cataclysm after a series of “unfortunate” events with our Core in other guilds. Eventually, we decided that stability was best achieved by striking out on our own even though this would be a lot of work in those early days. Dragon Soul was already open when Covenant was formed so we started literally at ground zero. We did defeat (N) Deathwing pre-nerf and finished Cataclysm 8/8 Heroic and ranked 12th on the server.

From our perspective, we have some strong and talented raiders in Core. We have always been plagued by the “weak” 1-2 spots. Our goal is to push progression more and more consistently. To that end, we have added a 3rd day and set specific requirements for raiders. Generally all those requirements can be summed up by this statement “We ask as much commitment and respect from you to the raid as you expect to you from your raid”.

The culture of our guild is more mature. That does not mean we are ageist. One of the most mature, mannerly, respectful and just plain most awesome raiders I have known in the game happens to be the youngest member of our raid. That said we are “multinational” in membership and our Core runs from teenager to ’40 somethings. We are social in the game outside raid times and often run 5 mans, LFR, dailies, whatever the case may be together just because we like each other’s company.

If this sounds of interest to you we would be more than happy to speak with you further. You may contact us on our website Direct messages to Bargoth, Cheekymunkey, Ghonzo, or Belphrala. You may also contact us in game on battletags Cheekymunkey#1756