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[H-PVP-EST-25M] 164/16 LF1 RSham/HPal - Immed core

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Guild Name: From The Internet
Level 25 Horde Guild
Server: Zuluhed - PvP - EST (NY)
Raid Times: Tues,Wed,Thurs 8:45pm - 12 EST (9hours/week)
Progression: MV: 6/6 25m | HoF: 6/6 25m | ToES: 4/4 25m
Previous Progression: 13/13H, 7/7H, 8/8H(15%) - Top 250 US-25M
Loot System: EP/GP

Our website:
Wow Forums:

Noteworthy Accomplishments:
Finished T13 realm 3rd in progression.
Finished T13 realm 1st in achievements.
Finished T13 in top 250-25US.

You will be in a well respected progressive guild on a med-low population server, despite our progressive nature, we get along well and have an active guild outside of raiding. Including PvP, alt runs, questing, old raids, etc, etc.

We also let you sponsor friends and family to the guild with no questions asked, so they have a place to call home too.

Our requirements are simple
-Like to slay dragons
-Be respectful
-No sexism/racism/etc !!
-Be willing to adapt and take criticism
-Know when to be serious and when to joke around
-Previous end game experience will be extremely helpful

Classes that are open:
RESTORATION SHAMAN ! If you play elemental too, that'd be perfect.

We are looking for another healer because our offtank is quitting and I'm going to swap to my guardian druid to tank. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we sound like a good fit! <- email
Battletag: smurrfetteqt#1307 or keybrdmssiah#1548

Looking forward to talk to you!

Kettler/Keybrdmssiah of FTI
Posted Feb 5, 13 · OP
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Can I get a mod to edit the title to 16/16N? Thanks :sick:
Posted Feb 5, 13 · OP
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Stone Guard down -> 1/16H & 16/16N
Posted Feb 7, 13 · OP