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Tank, Healer & Hunter! LFG!

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Beezlebubba, a Prot Warrior (ilvl 490):
Aidangrace, a Survival Hunter (ilvl 491):
And myself, Wushen, a Mistweaver Monk (ilvl 487):

We are looking for a new stable home. We were forced to shut the doors of our own raiding guild after many years of raiding together due to attendance/recruitment issues. We are 9/16 NM's (12% wipe on Wind Lord) because of this. We are not interested in going backwards in progression. As the GM, tank officer and raid leader of our old guild, we can promise the utmost in reliability, dependability, and skill. We have years of logs and experience to prove that.

We understand that package deals can often be daunting prospects, but we're not your usual package. We just want to stay together. We understand that we may not always be in the same raid with each other, our applications are separate entities, and we are each our own individuals. But please do not respond if you are not interested in all 3 of us for raid spots. (Our Hunter is willing to take a reduced raid schedule, compared to the tank and healer who are looking for core spots.)

We are available to raid ONLY at these days and times:

Mon- Thurs: 6-9pm PST (7-10 MST, 8-11 CST, 9-12AM EST)

Wushen can be contacted at: Wushen#1308
Beezlebubba can be contacted at: Beezlebubba#1814
Aidangrace can be contacted at: JoeDirt#1248
Posted Jan 30, 13 · OP
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Still looking!
Posted Jan 31, 13 · OP