Chi Cerca Trova is a 25M casual progression guild on Durotan, and we need a few good healers ready to jump into regular HoF and Terrace. We are especially low on shaman and paladins, but we're open to any.

CCT at a Glance
  • Currently 6/6 in MSV and 5/6 in HoF
  • Raiding schedule: Mon - Weds, 8:25-11:30(ish)
  • Mostly adults 20+, including couples and parents
  • Raiders are expected to read strats, come gemmed and enchanted, and bring flasks and potions
  • Attendance policy: Once promoted to Initiate or Raider, it is assumed you will be available to raid unless you post otherwise on the forums (or contact an officer).

CCT is one of the oldest still actively raiding guilds on our server and we have a great mix of people. Unfortunate circumstances have left us short several healers, and we'd love to fill up our roster again.

If you want more information, you can reach us by:
  • Visiting our website:
  • Whispering any of our officers in-game: Boomslang, Fistsoffurry, Danitlus, Fingolfin, Ambermist, Frenzie, Brewzlee
  • Messaging me via RealID: Ambermist#1266
  • Replying or sending a DM on Twitter: @battlechicken or @RogueDarren

As I said on Twitter the other day, I know there are healers out there--I can sense you all in the force and whatnot. :sick: