About us:

Thought Experiment is a newly-formed 10 man raiding guild. Our members have all raided at a decent level in previous tiers, with some in SlashCry (World rank 20 for 25 man content in both tier 12 and tier 13) before it disbanded. We're aiming to push heroic raid content at a decent rate while maintaining a fairly casual schedule, and to help us achieve that we are looking for a few more raiders. Understandably joining a brand new guild requires something of a leap of faith on your part, but if you think you would fit in with a bunch of people who are interested in high-level play without excessive time commitment, you won't be disappointed.

Raid schedule:

We raid from 20:30 - 00:00 server time on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays. Raiders are expected to keep 90%+ attendance.

Current progress:

We're 10/16 heroic, after forming the guild a month after this tier was released, and sticking to a 10.5 hour/week raid schedule.

Current openings:

We're recruiting a mistweaver monk or resto shaman. Having a strong dps off-spec is a big plus.

What we can offer you:

  • A skilled, organised playing environment with dedicated and knowledgable players.
  • Friendly members: many of us have raided together for a long time and get on well together, so no need to worry about drama.
  • Decent progress with fairly casual time commitment.
  • Experienced leadership with several years of raid leading/guild management experience

Expectations of you:

  • Good knowledge of your class, not just your spec, including all its various utility options.
  • The ability to adapt to encounter mechanics quickly, to analyse your own performance, and to compare it with others to find ways to improve.
  • Fluent English and the willingness to speak up on voice comms when it's important to do so.
  • High attendance - raiding only three times a week, it's important that you can make almost all raids.
  • Maturity to handle occasional sitting out - we're looking to run a tight roster, but need to have an option or two for when someone absolutely can't turn up.
  • Sociability outside of raids.

Contact info:

To find out more or to make an application, visit our website at http://www.thought-experiment.net or contact Rhiannon or Nelva in-game on Anachronos.