We are a 25 man raiding guild that’s been hanging out on Bloodhoof for the last seven years and raiding every tier since the beginning (albeit a little flaky in vanilla…).

We have a slightly later raid start time 20.30-24.00 server time, 3 days a week - Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Most of our members have jobs or family commitments, and we like everyone to have time to eat and get a beer in before we head off raiding.

We also have a fairly flexible attendance requirement. Of course it’s great if you can make 3 raids a week but we know that everyone likes to go for a beer so we ask that our raiders can make 2 out of 3 raid days in general.

Although we are at the more casual end of raiding we do push for progression, expect good performance from our raiders and generally clear most heroic content. We just aren’t in a rush to get there :sick:

Progression wise we are starting Mogu’shan Vaults Heroic and looking to clear normal mode HoF and ToES soon.
We have a few spots open right now and although the priority is for melee and ranged dps there is also room for a tank and healer (especially a resto shaman or druid).

What we really look for are good people, so no matter what class or spec, if you are looking for some laid back raiding action then please drop by and check us out at www.the-suffering.com.