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[A] The Phoenix Reborn - home for casual raiding, LF Healers and DPS

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* DPS with Tank offspec: any class capable of dual role dps and tanking, Death Knight would be really helpful
* Ranged DPS classes which can cast heroism, would consider any of them
* HEAL : Any exceptional healers, preferably with dps offspec

If your class is not directly mentioned and you believe you have what it takes to join our raiding team, just drop an application, we can always review whether we can give you a spot or not.

I. ABOUT The Phoenix Reborn

We are a guild that was founded on 11-3-2005 on Turalyon-EU server, Alliance side. During the years we have grown into a community of friends and it is important to us that new people fit into the group well. We have been through a lot, raiding with various intensity throughout the years. We are not a hardcore guild as you can see from our progress and raid schedule, however, that does not mean we do not take raiding seriously. We are trying to balance normal lives and raiding and in our humble opinion we are succeeding quite well.

In Cataclysm we have cleared Dragon Soul heroic mode. It happened after the nerfs already happened but we kept on going and people were able to enjoy the meta achievement as well.

Current progress:

Mogu'shan Vaults
The Stone Guard - Killed 7th of October
Feng the Accursed - Killed 21st of October
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder - Killed 25th of October
The Spirit Kings - Killed on 28th of October
Elegon - Killed on 26th of November
Will of the Emperor - Killed 9th of December

Heart of Fear
Imperial Vizier Zor'Lok - Killed on 15th of November
Blade Lord Ta'jak - Killed on 6th of December
Wind Lord Mel'Jarak
Amber-Shaper Un'Sok
Grand Empress Shek'Zeer


* We are looking for raiders that don't wish to get carried and wish to perform optimally each single raid.

* We are looking for mature raiders that are drama free, like to be social and still maintain their focus and motivation during raids.

* We are looking for raiders that are able to handle criticism, remember this is for your and our own good, not to upset or offend you!

* Other than that we are looking for friends, social aspect is important to us.

Other than that we are a very tight guild, we have been through a lot during the years and we are there to stay. Since we raid less than most raiding guilds do, we want you to be able to stay focused and maintain your best performance throughout the entire raid. We want people who share the same goals as us and genuinely fit into the group.

When applying for The Phoenix Reborn please put effort into your application, it is your chance for the first impression and we believe it is important.


You are someone who has some familiarity with the game and the raiding scene, however, due to some reason you can not raid on an extensive schedule. On average you want 2 raids per week (your better half would knock you silly if you tried more). You enjoy the social aspect of the gaming community. When you raid, you want to progress as much as possible, but you also understand that due to time limitations it is never going to be at the very top.


We raid up to three evenings per week, since there are more than 10 people on our roster, we don't require perfect attendance. Most of the people on the roster are expected to be available for at least 2 out of these times. Raid amount can be adjusted based on the availability of people, it is not something set in stone.

Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:00
Thursday: 20:30 - 23:00
Sunday: 20:30 - 23:00

There are also opportunities for an alt/social raid that we would run on Monday or Tuesday based on availability, same hours. Schedule of alt/social raids is not set in stone though.


IV. CONTACT @ Turalyon-EU

If you have any questions, would like a chat on mumble, do not hesitate to get in touch with these people:

Posted Dec 30, 12 · OP
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Cleared all on normal, and currently the stone guards down on hc, with more to come. :sick:

Currently looking for tanks of all specs, pure dps and ofc a healer with good dps OS! :sick:
Posted Feb 24, 13