Hello, I will try and keep this short! I am currently looking for a guild for my priest OR paladin. I can play both at the same level (Resto shaman as well, though I despise it) My paladin is currently better geared, however my priest performs near the same level. I have very low experience on my priest, but have it down pretty well.

I would prefer 10 man, and horde. Three nights a week would be preferable, i could stretch it to four for the right people! If it was Alliance..well it would take me a couple weeks to get the money to xfer, as I just paid my massive heating bill for this entire winter and I am broke now! Unless of course you wanted to pay for it of course, I am not to proud for charity :sick:

If you want any more information, just ask here, I can tell you my characters and the like. My battletag is Onorvinco#1467 if you want to chat. Please, put your purpose in the invite request or I might turn it down (Dang gold spammers and such)

Just to add a little more history, I have played since BC came out, Hand of A'dal and all that jazz. Cleared everything in Wotlk, all of firelands heroic, and all of dragon soul heroic when it was relevant. For t11 unfortunetly I had to take a work related leave of absence, and could not make my raiding times anymore. Things got resolved and I got right back in the saddle.

I have both healed, and dps'ed at a high level, though I have not dps'ed seriously in ages.