My guild broke up a couple of weeks ago while I was traveling (my current guild tag is a guild of friends that I'm hanging out with) and I can't seem to find a guild with a west coast friendly schedule that does the kind of raiding I like.

I'm a highly disciplined, fast learning player who is obsessed with efficiency during raids. I'm not necessarily looking for the most progressive guild out there, what I want is a guild who takes raiding seriously and doesn't waste precious time.

What I'm looking for:

Faction: Alliance
Raid size: 25m (I gave 10m a fair try and don't care for it)
Schedule: After 8:30 pacific time. (But could do earlier on Sat, Sun, Mon, or Tues)
Number of nights/week: 2 preferred but could extend to 3. (Would also participate in guild events or optional extra runs when I can.)
Progression: Of secondary importance, but I would like at least one or two heroic kills.
Environment: I'm not easily offended and have a good sense of humour, but I have a low tolerance for immaturity. I want to play with adults.

About me:

Character: Holy Paladin, have played this character for 7 years.
Gear Level: 484 (I stopped raiding 3 weeks ago when I left on vacation)
Progression: 1/6 HMV, 3/6 HoF (note again that this is from 3 weeks ago when I left on vacation)

Hoping to find a new in-game home soon!