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<A-Stormrage> LF Holy Pally 3/16H, 16/16N

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Tidal (3/16H, 16/16N), while new to the Stormrage server, was formed out of group of dedicated raiders from a 25 man guild with a long history. The core of our team decided that we wanted the more controlled environment of 10 man raid. We all believe in raiding smarter, rather than raiding harder. We troubleshoot problems as a team and analyze all available data to ensure that our raids are efficient as possible. We also require that every member put forth effort outside of raid to ensure that they can perform at the best of his or her ability when raiding. We expect above and beyond to simply watching a strat video and knowing how to push buttons. Through intelligent raiding and prepared raiders, we are able to continuously compete for top rankings. We're proud of our progress and will continue to strive for high level progression in end-game content. We not only value highly skilled players and progression, but we also place extremely high value on our relationships with each other.

Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 to 11:30pm EST are required. We hold additional arranged nights; raiding up to 4 nights or more per week during progression.

18+ is required, 21+ is preferred.

Please vist our website at or contact Avryel or Mearpond in game for information. Or feel free to contact via email at, or via realid at
Posted Nov 30, 12 · OP
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I have played with most of this team before and they are awesome ^^ Fantastic players and really good raiding environment.
Say what you want, my weapon of choice is always the Giant Spoon.
Posted Dec 4, 12